Threat Intelligence Gathering

Proactive global cyber threat intelligence using the isolated Telos Ghost® network.

Conduct threat intelligence gathering without fear of discovery within the isolated Telos Ghost® network

Nearly impossible to identify, cyber criminals across the globe present significant risks to enterprise organizations in all industry sectors. The only practical defense is to gather real-time, uncompromised data to analyze malware, ransomware, phishing, and other attacks. Data then needs to be returned to analysts quickly and discretely. All this needs to happen without being traced and tipping off threat actors.

Implementing these processes presents a new set of risks. Any environment studying suspicious activity needs to be completely separate from the enterprise network. This network must also be set up quickly—with nodes available on short notice within hundreds of countries across the globe. Any compromised nodes must be discarded while new nodes are quickly created.


of cyberattacks rely on sophisticated social engineering tactics

– PurpleSec


new pieces of malware detected—every day

– DataProt


Jump in ransomware demands from 2020 to 2021

-Palo Alto Networks

As these challenges and research indicate—with malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks running rampant—enterprises need a new paradigm for their security strategy. Telos Ghost® answers the call—allowing infosec teams to establish a proactive cloaked defense that hides their presence on the internet and misattributes their digital identities so they can conduct threat intelligence gathering without risk of discovery.

The Telos Ghost® virtual obfuscation network uses multiple layers of encryption and proprietary mesh algorithms to mask cyber threat researchers and pen testers from threat actors:

Privatizes the public internet to hide network resources and mask user identities/locations

Sends traffic through complicated routes and covers details of devices, files and network pathways

Shapes personas to match fraud schemes through managed technical attribution

Spins up preconfigured virtual testing environments to create simulated attacks

Utilizes same technologies as hackers to generate real-life attack scenarios

Telos Ghost is faster and more affordable than private leased lines and offers managed attribution to protect cyber threat intelligence at a global, enterprise level. Infosec teams also benefit from minimal latency and no bandwidth restrictions along with patented cloud-masking technology that eliminates public addresses and access.

Telos Ghost Unique Features:

Dynamic IP routing
Hides healthcare transactions and communications in a labyrinth of network nodes.

Multi-layered encryption
Protects sensitive health and personally identifiable information from unauthorized access.

Ports and Protocols
Passes all ports and protocols and works with TCP/IPV4 compliant tools

Telos Ghost deploys quickly and can be layered with other security products to create a suite of comprehensive threat intelligence tools. The robust threat intelligence capabilities delivered by Telos Ghost can play a mission-critical role in your IT security strategy, giving you the ability to stay ahead of cybercriminals and block threats against your company’s infrastructure—the life-blood of your operations.