Remote Workforce Cybersecurity

A dramatic advance in remote workforce cybersecurity and network anonymization for the enterprise

Companies in today’s global economy realize they are vulnerable to increasing levels of cyber crime and advanced persistent threats. Many large firms have added new global security departments and cyber threat protection teams to oversee their data integrity and manage network security risk.

These new departments integrate best security practices with in-house intelligence programs to assist with secure remote access, business intelligence, security operations, travel safety, and crisis management

Telos Ghost® offers the means to support many of the strategies companies undertake to counter identity theft, network infiltration, and compromised data.

Telos Ghost provides a framework to implement security strategies and solutions that address the needs of security-conscious organizations in the private sector, reflecting a deep understanding of business decision-making about risk and threat analysis.

All Telos Ghost solutions are fully customizable to meet the unique needs and global reach of commercial organizations.

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Could the SolarWinds attack have been avoided?

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Become Invisible for Ultimate Secure Remote Access

Watch this on-demand event for a look at the challenges that highly regulated enterprises face when supporting their remote workforce.

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