Cloaked Services

Encrypted communications, storage, and applications.

Telos Ghost® Cloaked Services provide remote users with the ability to securely talk, text, email, store information, and use video and applications over any mobile device. They include fully encrypted Hidden Mobile Communications for device-agnostic voice, video, chat, and data; Hidden Storage to store, analyze, and collaborate privately and securely within Telos Ghost; and Hidden Email and Applications that let you cloak your email and application servers for access only by Telos Ghost users.

Hidden Mobile Communications

  • Fully encrypted unified communications for voice, video, chat, and data
  • Secured intercom and encrypted PBX dialing
  • Device agnostic—use any device, any time

Hidden Storage

  • Store, analyze, and collaborate privately and securely with hidden storage within Telos Ghost

Hidden Email and Applications

  • Hide your email server inside Telos Ghost for access only by Telos Ghost users
  • Hide critical and sensitive applications


  • Share information in real-time with the intimacy and confidence that business comms requires
  • Encrypted intercom and 10-digit dialing make secure comms as easy as standard telecom service
  • Device and platform agnostic — use any phone, tablet, computer, or operating system
  • Keep users safe; they can’t be traced or geo-located
  • Protect sensitive information and applications from unauthorized access — inside and outside the organization

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