Anonymous Cloaked Storage

Fully encrypted and hidden online storage to product your critical assets.

Most organizations have critical assets whose breach would be devastating to their ability to continue operations. It’s essential that these crown jewels be protected from ransomware, exfiltration, and other threats, both at rest and when accessed by authorized users.

Telos Ghost® Cloaked Services is the answer for anonymous storage of critical assets such as financial records, medical records, confidential research, intellectual property, and others whose compromise could be an “extinction event” for an organization.  Telos Ghost lets you hide sensitive information in a cloud repository for access by and collaboration with any other authorized user.

Information stored and shared with Telos Ghost is completely hidden from cyber adversaries.  The files reside on servers hidden within the labyrinth of the secret Telos Ghost network. Authenticated users’ identity and location are protected by sending the information through varying network nodes and eliminating IP addresses to ensure communications are completely hidden from cyber adversaries and attack vectors are eliminated.

Telos Ghost Crypt: Secure Anonymous Storage in a Mobile App

Telos Ghost Crypt is the app-based Telos Ghost capability for secure anonymous storage that lets you store and collaborate on sensitive information using your mobile device.  It works together with the Telos Ghost Spectre app for anonymous voice-video-chat to perform the same functions as Telos Ghost Cloaked Services.

Telos Ghost Crypt, Telos Ghost Spectre, and Telos Ghost web-based unified communication allow sensitive information to be stored and shared for collaboration via mobile device, laptop, or desktop from anywhere in the world.  Eliminate cyber attack surfaces and protect your identity, location and information using Telos Ghost Spectre.

Telos Ghost Cloaked Services

These capabilities are made possible by Telos Ghost Cloaked Services for web-based file storage, sharing, and voice/video/chat collaboration in a single, integrated environment. Telos Ghost Cloaked Services enable remote users to securely talk, text, email, store information, and use video and applications over any mobile device.

Hidden Mobile Communications

  • Secured intercom and encrypted PBX dialing
  • Device agnostic—use any device, any time

Hidden Storage

  • Store, analyze, and collaborate privately and securely with hidden storage within Telos Ghost

Hidden Email and Applications

  • Hide critical and sensitive applications

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