Hide Your Digital Exhaust

Is your online research activity being monitored and analyzed for competitive leverage?

If your employees conduct sensitive research online, they may be leaking data and compromising confidential positions by leaving behind a trail of passive information leaks or digital exhaust.

An enterprise user’s digital persona consists of everything they do online. By monitoring organizational research activity patterns, bad actors can glean information about your competitive positions and piece together details about your roadmaps, partnerships, and intellectual property.

Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) tools can prevent sensitive documents from getting into the wrong hands, but what about online footprints left behind when employees are simply doing research and investigating competitors or partners? Is your team leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs that reveals key information about your business interests?

Managed Attribution: the solution to controlling digital exhaust

The only solution to remove an employee’s digital footprint and to contain their digital exhaust to prevent passive information leakage is a strict policy of managed attribution and non-persistent computing. In order to obtain managed attribution, a multi-nodal, secure infrastructure must be put into place that offers the necessary performance required for a user to perform their daily job without slowing them down through latency.

Obfuscation, managed attribution, and non-persistent computing keep anyone from knowing who or where your users are…on the internet or in the world.

Telos Ghost®, with its worldwide presence, allows a user to anonymize their online activity with no impact on performance. Your employee located in New York can log on to their preferred computer device and execute their research tasks with no traceable connection back to their location or device. Additionally, by deploying a Telos Ghost non-persistent desktop (through our Virtual Desktop Interface, or VDI), that employee’s digital exhaust is limited to that computing session and that computing session only.

Truly anonymous research, isolated from your corporate network, protecting your business interests and activities. This is the power of Telos Ghost.

Expand your anonymous research capabilities with Telos Ghost’s suite of enterprise tools:

Enterprise managed attribution for anonymous research: Managed Attribution Overview

Anonymous Research for desktop users: Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

Anonymous worldwide private internet access: Private Web Access

Secure mobile communications: Cloaked Services


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