Telos® Advanced Cyber Analytics

Actionable intelligence at speed and scale to defend against advanced cyber threats.

Current cyber defenses cannot maintain parity with the ever changing and evolving hacker ecosystem. Data breaches, ransomware, and advanced attacks impose significant financial costs and operational risks to an organization.

Telos’ Advanced Cyber Analytics (ACA) practice offers proprietary and industry technologies with a global sensor network and extensive subject-matter expertise to create time-sensitive and actionable threat intelligence solutions for government and commercial enterprises.

Detect malicious activity sooner by illuminating the hacker ecosystem

Assist in the attribution of events of concern with actionable information and knowledge

Uncover and identify previously unknown attacks and new malicious behavior

Provide sophisticated and comprehensive analytics without expensive overhead

Telos’ integrated threat intelligence data service, known as Red Widow, is a dynamic proprietary threat feed of global Internet Protocol (IP) addresses known to engage in potentially malicious activity including mass scanning and generic opportunistic attacks. This Telos ACA solution enables security operation centers (SOC) to reduce “noisy” IP security threat alerts, increase operational efficiency, potentially identify forthcoming mass exploitation events, and improve the focus of ongoing threat hunts.

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Telos ACA turns raw data about security events into actionable intelligence to protect your organization. Automated threat intelligence and attribution capabilities enrich internal security information to reduce vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure before attackers can exploit them.

Three Steps to Creating Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence - CSO Magazine - Telos Advanced Cyber Analytics


Three Steps to Creating Actionable Cyber Intelligence

There are crucial actions that enterprises can take right now to increase their visibility into the entire threat landscape.

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