Telos® Advanced Cyber Analytics

Actionable intelligence at speed and scale to defend against advanced cyber threats.

Telos Advanced Cyber Analytics combines decades of cyber and information security experience with an extensive background in cyber intelligence to protect your enterprise from advanced cyber threats.

Detect malicious activity sooner by illuminating the hacker ecosystem

Assist in the attribution of events of concern with actionable information and knowledge

Uncover and identify previously unknown attacks and new malicious behavior

Provide sophisticated and comprehensive analytics without expensive overhead

Current cyber defenses cannot maintain parity with the ever changing and evolving hacker ecosystem. Data breaches, ransomware, and advanced attacks impose significant financial costs to an organization and damages its reputation. Yet the cost of incorporating advanced analytics has been prohibitive from a fiscal, infrastructure, and personnel perspective — until now.

Telos ACA provides actionable intelligence at speed and scale with real- and near-real-time intelligence feeds, with customized visualization and summary reports.

Illuminates the hacker ecosystem by contextualizing the customer’s external cyber environment.

Determines patterns of behavior exhibited by malicious cyber actors.

Reduces vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure before attackers can exploit them.

As-a-service offering that minimizes financial and technical barriers to adoption.

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Telos ACA allows your organization to reduce the barriers in adopting advanced analytic technologies by reducing the need for complicated infrastructure, in-house subject matter experts, and the ongoing support costs of locally managed systems.

Telos ACA turns raw data about security events into actionable intelligence to protect your organization. Automated threat intelligence and attribution capabilities enrich internal security information to reduce vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure before attackers can exploit them. With fully automated external data collection and assessment, Telos ACA determines patterns of behavior exhibited by malicious cyber actors.

Ransomware's Global Impact


Ransomware’s Global Impact: More Responsive Threat Intelligence is Needed

Decreasing the threat identification timeline helps you respond to intruders before they breach the network.

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