Secure Mobility

Telos® solutions and services for secure mobility help you work without concern across and beyond the enterprise.

Wherever your mission takes you, Telos reduces your exposure to risk by assuring that you can safely communicate and share information over the network.   

For more than three decades, Telos has provided solutions for some of the most challenging secure mobility requirements.  Today, we securely connect you to any information source, using any device, over any wireless medium, providing access to real-time information that’s accurate, protected, and reliable. 

Provided the largest deployment of enterprise wireless networks to the U.S. Department of Defense

Assisted the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard in developing and validating their first standard secure wireless architecture beginning in 1996

Telos personnel were the first from industry to be invited to participate in the government committee to develop the first wireless DoD policy

Only Telos secure wireless LANs were allowed to continue operating during the Air Force’s security-based moratorium on WLANs in 2000

Chosen by the U.S. Air Force as their integrator of choice for worldwide deployment of secure accredited wireless networks

Chosen by the Air National Guard as their integrator of choice for nationwide deployment of secure accredited wireless networks

Developed a mobility solution for flightline maintenance and warehousing that enables a more efficient process for servicing aircraft and managing MRO inventory

First wireless solutions to operate efficiently in metal aircraft hangars and on flightlines, resulting in the first approved secure wireless maintenance solution that became a USAF standard

Designed a secure deployable mesh wireless system for the U.S. Army that connects personnel in remote locations with logistics systems for tracking and managing materiel

Enabled non-specialist installation and setup, completely tools free, resulting in the deployment of over 40,000 units for communications reachback to Army logistics systems

First to provide a complete wireless network solution to the Air Force that was powered entirely using solar energy at multiple locations throughout Southwest Asia

Chosen by DISA to design, implement, and support an integrated enterprise campus Wi-Fi, guest access, and mobile device management capability

Deploy Anywhere Wireless Node keeps you connected in deployed or remote locations.
Moving toward an all-wireless workplace while reducing costs, improving user experience, and enhancing security.
Allows all authorized personnel access to their network resources anywhere they need to physically be throughout the campus.
Telos DAWN™ for go-anywhere Internet access
Campus Wi-Fi Solutions
Telos Designs and Implements an Enterprise Mobile Solution for DISA

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Mobile device management and the future of enterprise mobility

Secure mobility — integrating wireless and security technologies — is an art as well as a science. It requires turning multiple wireless networks that use a variety of media and devices into a single mobile enterprise that meets customers’ requirements.

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