Inventory and Warehousing

Mobility infrastructure lets personnel order parts at the point of maintenance and manage warehouse inventory with bar code scanners.

Keeps technicians from interrupting their work to check inventories and order items

Lowers the cost of ordering and carrying inventory

Supports a more efficient process for servicing aircraft and managing aircraft MRO inventory

Air Force technicians working on aircraft along a three-mile flightline can’t stop and return to the maintenance depot every time they need to order a replacement part. At the same time, manually managing and updating inventory at the parts warehouse can be a clumsy time-consuming process.

Telos addresses this problem with mobility infrastructure that connects technicians with the parts database so they can order at the point of maintenance, and lets warehouse personnel update inventory records as they fill the orders. This solution involved leveraging Telos-built flightline infrastructure by installing access points (APs) inside parts warehouses, enabling the use of bar code scanners for inventory control.

Now, instead of having to wait until coming in from the flightline at the end of the day to order all parts

for all the aircraft they’ve been servicing, technicians can order parts directly from their mobile device through the Standard Asset Tracking System (SATS) and update inventory databases as they work.   If the part isn’t available, they can log the part as being required for the inventory in that location.

This allows the technician to receive and sign off on tech orders as well as access logistics databases to place orders for new parts, and track those orders through the logistics system, without leaving the work area. At the warehouse, airmen in charge of inventory can scan the parts in the order to update the inventory system as they pick parts. This helps keep records up to date and maintains an accurate view of the status of aircraft and parts orders in real time.

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