Professional Services

Consulting and deployment services for secure mobility solutions.

Telos® Corporation offers secure mobility professional services to deliver integrated communications solutions that meet even the most complex needs of civilian, defense, and commercial customers.  Our services include:

  • Program Management

    Centralized program management for all secure mobility and wireless network solutions.

    Telos’ secure mobility program management includes centralized planning and performance control, with decentralized worldwide program execution. Telos has substantial experience in managing large-scale programs for defense and civilian agencies including NETCENTS-2, ADMC-2, and DHS EAGLE II.

    Our management approach blends best practices from both commercial and government cultures with an experienced management team to ensure standardized, effective management and oversight of complex, multiple, worldwide programs involving large numbers of support personnel from our partnering companies.

    Telos ensures that our customers’ program manager and contracting officials have virtual access to all program data and records to ensure customer satisfaction, project transparency, and adherence to budgets and schedules, including:

    • Program planning
    • Progress reporting
    • Performance measurement
    • Risk management
    • Contractor Earned Value
    • Quality assurance
    • Lessons learned
    • Historical data
  • Survey and Design

    A unique combination of theoretical and practical expertise in site survey and network design.

    Our knowledge of the concepts and standards required for creating secure mobility architectures is based on real-world experience in environments as disparate as the DISA headquarters campus, U.S. Air Force flightlines and warehouses around the world, and the forward operating areas of Southwest Asia.

    We identify the right technology solutions for your network environment to provide highly available, secure, scalable, manageable, and reliable network access service. From project planning and network assessment to solution design and documentation, our network architecture design ensures maximum efficiency and performance as well as compliance with industry standards and organizational policies for information security.

    Wireless Site Survey. Our on-site assessment includes site preparation, signal coverage, AC power and Ethernet, building penetration, server location and connectivity, security, and coordination with base personnel. Telos engineers perform site surveys using our automated survey tools to identify RF coverage requirements for seamless roaming and avoidance of interference and dead spots. This work results in a site survey report that details the criteria required for successful system installation and implementation.

    Network Architecture Design. Telos identifies the best technology solutions available and integrates them into your network environment to provide highly available, secure, scalable, manageable, and reliable services. From project planning and network assessment to solution design and documentation, Telos network architecture design ensures maximum efficiency and performance and compliance with industry standards and organizational policies for information security.

  • Integration and Engineering

    Mobility systems integration capabilities for secure mobility solutions that meet the most complex needs of military, civilian, and commercial customers.

    Our engineers, security specialists, and program managers blend a variety of systems and applications to create robust, scalable mobile communications networks and architectures that meet our customers’ expectations for performance and within their budget.

    We partner with industry-leading vendors and package their components for secure and reliable performance even in harsh field conditions. We also provide client devices that support mobility applications, such as laptops and desktop computers, tablets and other mobile devices, bar code scanners, and others. Telos operates a 67,000 square foot ISO-9001 system integration center, where we integrate and test the components of your solution to validate that everything will perform as projected.

    Our site preparation work includes electrical and network installation for access points, installation of all RF devices, software integration, installation and configuration of VPN hardware and software. Senior Telos wireless network engineers ensure that the network performs according to customer expectations, including configuring network addresses and security IDs, configuring client devices, and performing a complete site checkout to confirm seamless roaming and efficient throughput of the mobility network.

    Telos also has the global experience with integration engagements to anticipate and address the requirements of defense and federal agencies of any scope. These include experience with international technical standards for voice, data, and video, global shipping and storage, and local labor supply. We can go anywhere and accommodate any requirement, in engineering, network design, integration, sales, and distribution.

  • Mobile Network Security and Assurance

    Certified mobile secure networks for DoD, federal, and commercial requirements.

    Ideally, network integrators would assure their customers that their offerings comply with the relevant standards for security right from the start. That’s what Telos does with every solution we deliver.

    Secure mobility offerings from Telos feature cybersecurity and information assurance architecture built in. Our mobile network security solutions use a variety of the latest technologies to encrypt traffic, enable seamless roaming, and provide secure access to the rest of the network.

    As part of our mobile network security work, we apply our own industry-leading application that automates the security assessment and authorization (A&A) process and produces an A&A document that complies with standards such as the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the RMF for DoD IT.

    Telos: an extensive background in network security certification and compliance.

    Telos has helped military agencies lay the groundwork for secure networks in compliance with leading DoD and government secure wireless standards such DoD 8100.2 and FIPS 140-2 as well as the relevant DISA STIGs and NIAP protection profiles.

    Telos was an original member of the DoD’s wireless policy working group and provided guidance on Air Force wireless policy and the A&A of their wireless systems. In addition, we assisted the Air Force and the Air National Guard in developing and validating their standard secure wireless architecture. The result: consistent success in preventing penetration attacks from friendly and unfriendly potential intruders.

    Secure mobility solutions from Telos are assured for compliance from the start.

  • Operations

    Experienced technicians and administrators ensure the efficient operation of your secure mobile and wireless network solutions.

    Our certified network engineers and technicians personnel provide on-site support services to ensure the effective operation of your mobility network. We perform the full spectrum of systems engineering and administration tasks to maintain and improve the reliability, performance, and integrity of the network, including hardware, software, and user support activities.

    Our secure mobility network personnel interact with all organizational components involved in your network environment to identify and correct core problems as well as restore service. Our personnel can simulate or recreate user problems to resolve operating difficulties and will recommend system modifications to reduce user problems.

    We also support and analyze issues relating to information security and provide engineering and technical support to implement solutions that meet network security requirements. Our personnel also perform vulnerability/risk analyses during all phases of the system life cycle.

  • Sustainment and Support

    Multi-year, multi-level sustainment and support for secure mobility solutions.

    Telos Secure Mobility Solutions Support:
    Call toll-free: 1-800-708-3567

    Telos provides multi-year, multi-level support for secure mobility network solutions, including warranty, maintenance, software and security updates, and all other support and upgrades during the solution life cycle as required. Each contract is implemented as a custom program that’s tailored to meet the statement of work required by the customer.

    Our sustainment and support capabilities include:

    • 24/7/365 Contact Management Center
    • Technical assistance for pre- and post-order questions
    • Order process questions and order status
    • Training questions and scheduling
    • Solution and OEM Help Desk
    • Value-added OEM warranties
    • Integrated spare/replacement parts
    • Warranty and maintenance support
    • Field support
  • Mobile Device Onboarding

    Get your mobile workforce onto the network and producing results faster and more securely with mobile device onboarding and policy management.

    Bring-your-own-PC (BYOPC) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies show no sign of slowing down, but security concerns still remain. Today’s commercial and government organizations need to rapidly authenticate, configure, and provision mobile devices so they can securely connect with enterprise networks.

    Telos has engineers certified in Aruba ClearPass and other network solutions for fast, seamless mobile device onboarding and policy management. Our engineers can tailor your onboarding solution to your specific requirements to ensure a secure, easy-to-manage platform for adding new users and devices to your mobile environment — including CAC-enabled and derived-credential laptops in federal and military workplaces. These solutions also provide policy management and real-time monitoring for malware and other anomalous factors in your mobile environment.

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