Maintenance Mobility

Secure wireless access to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) resources make servicing aircraft more efficient.

Provides access to maintenance manuals at the point of service

Delivers up-to-date repair information at the point of maintenance

Helps keep aircraft in operational readiness

Reduces maintenance paperwork at the end of shifts

The United States Air Force and Air National Guard face a daunting challenge in keeping aircraft mission-ready.   Technicians at a given base are responsible for many different types of aircraft, requiring access to technical manuals, tech orders, and parts databases in order to troubleshoot and repair them. The Air Force needs to ensure their technicians have access to these network resources where they need them most —– in and around the aircraft as they work.

Telos has addressed this challenge by implementing a secure mobility infrastructure in support of flightline maintenance and engine shop applications for more than 200 Air Force bases and Air National Guard locations. Telos has designed and installed a unique wireless network for each base at all Major Commands within the Air Force, including Air Mobility, Air Combat, Air Education and Training Commands, as well as all 17 Air Force Reserve Commands.

Telos engineers have developed a secure network architecture that meets FIPS 140-2 certification for wireless security. It ensures seamless roaming that allows technicians to access the maintenance network from the outer ends of the flight line and inside the aircraft —– even up into the tail wing. Telos provides all services, including site surveys, network design, parts procurement, site installation and integration of legacy infrastructure, engineering studies, on-site training, and a 24×7 call center for ongoing support enterprise-wide, with a dedicated force of seasoned networking professionals.

By providing real-time mobile access to current maintenance and logistics data at the point of maintenance, Telos enables the Air Force and ANG to reduce aircraft down time and improve operational readiness and mission effectiveness.

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