Centrally Managed Enterprise Wireless Networks

Take control with central management of your enterprise wireless networks.

Mobile coverage across extensive multi-building facilities

Supports centralized management of multiple wireless systems

Includes network access control and a baseline architecture for guest access, mobile device integration, classified traffic

It isn’t uncommon to have multiple enterprise wireless networks deployed in hundreds of locations across large facilities and campuses. An ideal solution would allow network administrators to manage all these wireless networks from a central location, to make configuration and provisioning more convenient, and to ensure consistency in security and access policy administration.

Telos® is addressing this need for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) with a centrally managed enterprise wireless network solution that provides seamless mobile coverage across the three DISA HQ buildings at Fort Meade’s million-square-foot campus. The solution offers a centralized management platform to allow other DISA locations to install wireless network systems for central management from Fort Meade.

The solution includes network access control and provides a baseline architecture for guest access, mobile device integration, and classified traffic in accordance with the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified architectures. Telos performed the site survey, network design, installation, assessment and authorization, and follow-on onsite support for the campus wireless network.

Allows all authorized personnel access to their network resources anywhere they need to physically be throughout the campus.
Moving toward an all-wireless workplace while reducing costs, improving user experience, and enhancing security.
Deploy Anywhere Wireless Node keeps you connected in deployed or remote locations.
Telos Designs and Implements an Enterprise Mobile Solution for DISA
Campus Wi-Fi Solutions
Telos DAWN™ for go-anywhere Internet access

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