Campus Wi-Fi Networks

Moving toward an all-wireless workplace.

Telos® campus Wi-Fi solutions make pervasive mobility possible while reducing operating costs, improving user experience, enabling mobile initiatives, and enhancing security. Our campus Wi-Fi solutions consist of the key capabilities organizations need to support their mobility requirements, resulting in a secure wireless LAN (WLAN) system that provides exceptional coverage, capacity, and reliability.

Personnel can manage logistics, shipping, receiving, and warehouse inventory using handheld devices anywhere in the facility. Processes streamlined through mobile-enabled RFID, voice recognition, applications, and other technologies.

Provide mobile device access to health records while simultaneously providing disruption-free access to Wi-Fi voice handsets. Integrate patient monitors and telemetry devices. Track shared medical equipment using RFID tags.

Provide secure access to NIPR and SIPR networks. Allow secure guest access. Provide mobile device on-board and policy management, mobile application management, and mobile device threat detection.

Technicians can access repair manuals and order replacement parts at the point of maintenance. Wireless SCADA and ICS are securely enabled for tighter management of devices and processes.

Enable students in crowded academic environments to improve collaboration and learning while supporting the proliferation of personal mobile devices using a robust 802.11ac Wi-Fi network.

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure

    Telos Campus Wi-Fi infrastructure includes Master and Local Mobility controllers to manage the wireless access points (APs); Air Monitors (AMs), which are APs configured to listen and monitor the airwaves; and other key elements of the solution. Access points, antennas, and Air Monitors are installed and configured to provide optimum coverage and performance in a seamless roaming environment.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    Wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS) are integrated into the Campus Wi-Fi solution using Air Monitors and WIDS software on the Mobility Controller.

  • Network Access Control

    Telos integrates centralized network access control (NAC) into the campus Wi-Fi solution to provide RADIUS/PKI authentication of users for authorized access to network resources.

  • Centralized Management

    Mobility Controllers provide end-to-end visibility and centralized control of all network components. Enterprise management of multiple locations can be implemented to ensure an entire organization, regardless of location, is managed, monitored, and controlled at the same level.

  • Mobile Device Onboarding and Policy Management

    BYOPC and BYOD are being implemented across government and commercial enterprises to accelerate remote access in a cost-effective way. The Telos Campus Wi-Fi integrates mobile device onboarding and policy management to securely manage these devices as well as enterprise-owned devices.

  • Guest Access

    Telos Campus Wi-Fi secure guest access allows visitors to access the internet and their VPNs in order to reach their own network resources.

Moving toward an all-wireless workplace while reducing costs, improving user experience, and enhancing security.
Allows all authorized personnel access to their network resources anywhere they need to physically be throughout the campus.
Deploy Anywhere Wireless Node keeps you connected in deployed or remote locations.
Campus Wi-Fi Solutions
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