Telos Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We automate the drudgework to make your personnel more productive, your customers more satisfied, and your comptroller more cheerful.

Telos brings our history in secure solutions to the world of automation, where security is built into every facet of the automation ecosystem, ensuring that your processes are secure whether a human or robot runs them.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology designed to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. RPA enables businesses to automate rule-based business processes as part of a larger business process automation strategy that enables users to devote more time to serving customers and other higher-value work.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation:

Cost Savings
Labor reduction, lower IT spending, less reliance on third-party vendors, fewer costly data-entry errors

Productivity Gains
Increased volume processing coupled with decreased turnaround time and Average Handling Time (AHT) improvement

Program/Business Agility
Enable your organization and programs to act at a faster pace than before

Software “robots” can easily be configured to trigger responses, manipulate data, and communicate with other digital systems. Examples range from tasks as simple as generating an auto-reply message to an email that deploys thousands of bots, each of which are pre-programmed to automate ERP tasks. RPA is often seen as steppingstone to intelligent automation (IA) via machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools, which can be trained to make judgments about future outputs.

Quality Improvements
Robots run as configured with 0% error rate for fewer mistakes and less rework

Customer Satisfaction
By resolving customer inquiries faster, streamlining contract center activities

Automate tasks to enforce compliance with regulatory requirements

Bots can scale up and down as required to handle spikes and drops in work volume

Telos brings unique SaaS and IaaS services and solutions that accelerate digital transformation and allow your RPA platform to be hosted in a secure cloud environment, eliminating the maintenance and the workload from your on-premises environment.

Telos offers digital enterprise as a service that includes continuous cloud risk management and security validation. Your RPA platform should be as secure as every other hosted application, and with the Telos cloud ecosystem, your automation robots are credentialed and stored, ready to work.

Whether you’re looking for a single automation to be built to prove out the potential for automation, or you’re ready to scale for the enterprise and want a secure solution, Telos can help.  

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