Secure your IT infrastructure with digital identity services.

Identity Verification and Assurance

Government/Commercial Risk-Based Data Sources

Biometric Capture and Matching

Integrated Risk Management

Document Capture and Validation

Omnichannel Enrollment

Telos® IDTrust360® digital identity services enable you to secure your enterprise—whether you need to address requirements pertaining to Know Your Customer (KYC), insider threats, access and authorization, or regulatory compliance. The platform rapidly enables digital identity services within complex operational ecosystems that span millions of identity transactions across workstations, kiosks, laptops, smartphones, and access control systems.

Diagram of Telos IDTrust360 digital identity services platform

Built on an enterprise hybrid-cloud platform that is certified and operational in several U.S. federal agencies, IDTrust360 gives you the flexibility to securely deploy modular services that transform your business-to-business (B2B) identity environment. The solution also supports business-to-consumer (B2C) applications to extend secure identity services to your customers.

Meets stringent federal requirements for cybersecurity and identity standards

Complies with NIST security control and identity assurance requirements

Supports identity services in the largest U.S. digital identity programs

Captures identity data to quickly validate individuals are who they claim to be

Contains  biometric matching, mobile wallet, and case management features

Meets complex technical, operational, and regulatory identity requirements

Key IDTrust360 Capabilities:

• Supports touchless, live scan, and wet fingerprint card scanning

• Identifies, prioritizes, and mitigates threats to protect enterprise resources

• Tracks criminal history, terrorist watchlists, vetting, and payment processing

• Aligns with federal agency guidelines for digital identity, enrollment, and identity proofing

• Provides facial recognition, live scan, and no-touch fingerprint scanning and matching

• Provides access and appointment scheduling via mobile, web, kiosk, and client apps

Multi-modal biometric matching

Automated security processing and compliance

APIs approved by federal, state, and local governments

Telos IDTrust360



Digital identity services for securing IT infrastructures.

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