Cyber Compliance Assessment Services

Knowing your current security and cyber compliance posture is the first step in information security assurance.

Telos® offers security assessment and cyber compliance services to uncover any vulnerabilities your systems and applications may have and offer recommendations for mitigating them.

  • Risk Assessment

    Discovering, correcting and preventing existing security problems on an ongoing basis.

    Telos cyber security consultants use their expertise in security assessment, compliance, and authorization to analyze threats to cloud and on-premise systems based on their likelihood of occurrence. By combining known threats, architectural design, and the probability of occurrence with mitigation and risk transference strategies, we’re able to provide a clear representation of an organization’s risk posture.

    We can do an initial risk assessment and provide services and solutions for continuous risk assessments. We have performed assessments of complex multi-level secure systems, small, dedicated systems, cloud-based services, and e-commerce systems. Our consultants have assisted the FBI and the Army with insider incident investigations and with other security incidents.

  • Network Security Testing and Evaluation

    Evaluating your network architecture and security policies for weaknesses.

    Our cyber security consultants leverage their background in networking, systems deployment and support, architecture, and an extensive library of compliance and security test scripts to evaluate and test the security of your network. Using our experience, commercial and open source tools, and penetration-testing techniques, we can evaluate the security of your system from multiple points of view to ensure that defense-in-depth security strategy is working properly.

    Evaluations can be performed from multiple locations within and outside your network to thoroughly understand and explain the threats from each attack point to ensure the best return on investment for security and functionality.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    Examining your security posture to discover and remediate vulnerabilities.

    The purpose of a vulnerability assessment is to evaluate your current IT environment for known vulnerabilities, review your current security posture in the context of those vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations for correcting them. Evaluations performed from multiple locations within and outside your network help you understand the threats from each attack point for a thorough assessment of your IT environment.

    Our consultants have led large-scale vulnerability assessments and network redesigns; researched, evaluated, and discovered vulnerabilities; and developed technical solutions to resolve them. We can also use our Xacta® software to help accelerate vulnerability management and remediation business functions within and across an entire enterprise.

  • Compliance Assessments

    Confirming that your IT environment complies with industry and government standards.

    Organizations that need to comply with industry and government standards for IT security can turn to Telos Corporation to assure that they can meet them. We’ve served Fortune 500 companies, federal and defense agencies, and the intelligence community with capabilities for assessing and evaluating their systems in advance of audits and testing for security authorization.

    Telos supports compliance with regulatory requirements in the commercial sector such as GDPR, HIPAA, and international standards such as ISO/IEC 27002:2022. We’re also a leading provider of federal assessment and authorization (A&A) services to the federal government, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community.

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