Cloud Security Compliance

Automation solutions for fast and secure cloud deployments.

Speed cloud security compliance with controls inheritance and automated continuous compliance

Stand up cloud-based workloads faster by expediting the approvals you need to go live

Automate processes for cloud risk assessment, remediation, and compliance reporting

Take advantage of easy-to-use capabilities for accessing, managing, and visualizing compliance data

Work with an executive dashboard for at-a-glance status of risk and vulnerabilities

Generate documentation required for enterprise information assurance

Xacta® solutions for cloud compliance automation enable you to deploy compliant workloads more quickly to reduce security compliance as an obstacle in achieving mission success in the cloud. 

Xacta also assures ongoing risk management and security validation to meet the continuous monitoring requirements of the leading standards and frameworks.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), we developed the continuous compliance solution for the Intelligence Community’s highly secure C2S/S-C2S cloud region.  And Microsoft Azure has partnered with us to accelerate cloud security compliance activities in their air-gapped and global sovereign cloud environments to help hundreds of thousands of regulated organizations address security risk and compliance much more efficiently.

Moving to the cloud? Already there but need help with managing cyber risk and cloud security compliance? Get in touch with Telos for cloud compliance automation solutions.

While your cloud provider manages security OF the cloud, security IN the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Xacta inherits the cloud provider’s security controls while enabling you to implement and manage security compliance for your own data, content, platform, applications, systems, and networks.

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