AWS Security Compliance

Solutions that accelerate and ease the security compliance process for AWS customers.

Participant in AWS Security Automation and Orchestration, ATO on AWS programs

Advanced Technology and Public Sector Partner designations

Proven security and government competencies

Provides security compliance for the Intelligence Community’s C2S secure cloud region

Multiple AWS-certified personnel for our AWS practice area

Available as a SaaS and AMI offering and as a hosted or on-premises solution.

Telos® Corporation and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together on AWS cloud compliance automation solutions to speed the security compliance of systems in the cloud so you can focus on important day-to-day functions.

If you’re planning to move to AWS, Xacta® 360 gives you a head start with security compliance by automatically inheriting common controls from pre-built CloudFormation templates and automating compliance processes, reducing time-to-compliance by up to 90 percent over purely manual security compliance validation and reporting methods. Xacta 360 is available as a SaaS and AMI offering in AWS US East/West Regions and GovCloud, and as a hosted or on-premises solution.

AWS Partner

Telos and AWS cloud compliance automation solutions make it easy to automate compliance and generate associated documentation, streamlining your ability to demonstrate that you meet the relevant security standards in your industry.

While AWS manages security OF the cloud, security IN the cloud is the responsibility of the AWS customer. Xacta inherits the AWS security controls while enabling you to implement and manage security compliance for your own data, content, platform, applications, systems, and networks.

Learn more about how Xacta and AWS security compliance solutions can speed compliance in the cloud.

If you already have workloads on AWS and want to get and stay compliant… if you’re thinking about moving to AWS and want to build in assured compliance from the start… please get in touch with us. We’d enjoy speaking with you about your AWS compliance goals in the cloud.

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Xacta for Cloud Compliance

Learn how automated cloud compliance helps enterprises manage regulatory risk without inhibiting innovation.

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Xacta® 360: Validate Compliance in the AWS Cloud Up to 90% Faster

Working together, Xacta 360 and AWS allow you to reach and maintain compliance in the cloud up to 90 percent faster as compared to purely manual methods.

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