AMHS Support

Standard Maintenance Agreement

Scope of Work 

Under the Standard Maintenance Policy, Telos® will, for the Licensee, support the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) at the customer facility as originally installed. The support includes all AMHS software updates and all third party component product upgrades as noted in the paragraph below. This support includes 24/7 telephone help desk service. Other support services, site visits, and engineering support, are available outside the scope of this Policy.

Note: Third-party software refers to the software products embedded in AMHS that may be used as an integral part of the system. These product upgrades are included as a part of the standard Telos AMHS Maintenance Agreement.


AMHS System:

Telos furnished maintenance and support for the AMHS system will be provided at the customer facility. The AMHS installation defined number of licensed users shall be used as the basis for the Telos cost proposal to provide software and maintenance support beyond the initial year following installation. The first year support includes all Telos maintenance activities with the exception of site visits.


  1. Telos AMHS software must be installed by Telos authorized personnel.
  2. Telos shall provide AMHS released software product updates when they become available and ready for testing through the formal DMS Functionality, Interoperability, Security, and Performance (FISP) process. Such updates are normally provided at no cost to the user as a part of the annual maintenance agreement.
  3. Telos shall provide AMHS telephone help desk support which is staffed during normal business hours, 8 AM -6 PM, Pacific Time Zone, Monday-Friday. After hours support is provided through a paging system to provide the full 24/7 coverage.
  4. If desired by the Licensee, Telos shall schedule a visit to the customer site one time during the first twelve month period following installation. This trip is optional and will require additional funding. Should additional visits be required to resolve problems or install new software, those visits will be scheduled and contracted on as as-needed basis.
  5. AMHS Maintenance Support will be for the period of 52 consecutive weeks following the system achieving operational status.

Implementation Approach

1. Provide Telephone Support. Telos shall establish and maintain a Telephone Help Desk to be staffed during normal business hours (8AM – 6 PM, Pacific Time Zone, Monday-Friday). The Help Desk shall respond to queries, issues, and concerns of customer personnel. After hours support is provided through a paging system. The answering service shall forward urgent messages to on-call personnel during non-duty hours. The Help Desk shall be staffed with skilled trainers and technical consultants. The general operating procedures for the Help Desk shall be:

  • All calls shall be logged and assigned a Help Response Ticket (HRT) Number.
  • All calls shall have a response within two (2) hours of receipt by Telos.
  • All callers shall receive the assigned HRT number when response is provided.
  • If Help Desk personnel are unable to resolve problems / issues immediately, the HRT shall be routed to the most appropriate expert in that area.
  • The HRT shall be audited daily for progress and the caller can receive updated information at any time by calling the Help Desk phone number and referencing the HRT. The goal is to resolve these issues within one week.
  • HRT actions that cause the AMHS system to be in an inoperable status for 48 consecutive hours shall cause Telos to dispatch technical personnel to the site in order to return the site to an operational status.

2. Provide AMHS Product Life Cycle Support. This product support subscription includes the Telos AMHS software upgrades that will be released to test activities as a part of ongoing product improvements. Product support also includes configuration management support of the Telos AMHS Baseline as well as engineering costs incurred in the anomaly resolution process. Telos will continue to improve the AMHS product as well as resolve anomalies identified via the problem reporting process. Telos will provide appropriate AMHS product updates and corrective action either by telephone to the user, via mail/shipping, via the Internet or during the scheduled on-site visit.

3. Provide AMHS Site Visits. If the customer elects this option as described elsewhere in this document, Telos shall visit the customer site one time during the first twelve months following installation. This visit will be coordinated in advance with the responsible system manager.

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