Streamline Compliance.
Automate IT Risk Management.

Meet the complex challenges of information security risk management with intelligent workflow, automated control selection and assessment, and continuous compliance monitoring.

Xacta 360 Diagram
Streamline your workflow and automate the most time consuming IT risk management processes for any compliance standard or framework

Deployed at some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, Xacta is a cyber risk management software platform that enables you to continuously manage your cyber risk and security compliance initiatives through the power of automation. Xacta administers the key elements of more than 100 leading regulations and policies for IT security compliance in government and commercial markets.

Benefits of Automating IT Risk Management with Xacta:

Get systems to compliance up to 90 percent faster

Reduce time to research new vulnerabilities by up to 90 percent

Reduce the time to generate regulatory documentation by up to 70 percent

Automate security test plans and reduce manual testing by up to eight work weeks

Conduct OS configurations, patch-level analysis, and other tests up to 75 percent faster

Reduce time required for re-assessments by up to 60 percent through continuous monitoring

Get an enterprise-wide view of your IT risk and compliance posture with Xacta’s dashboard

Xacta Dashboard
Xacta’s dashboard and in-depth reporting capabilities keep you fully informed in real time about your IT risk and compliance posture.

Organizations look at security as an expense, not an investment. Telos clearly demonstrates through Xacta that security is an investment, especially when such significant man-hour reduction can be realized through their Predictive Mapping and automation. That is why EMA considers Telos a vendor to watch.

From EMA Vendor to Watch report on Telos Corporation

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Predictive Mapping in Xacta

Xacta Predictive Mapping
Dynamically map IT assets. vulnerabilities, and control sets (map once, comply with many standards).

Example of Test Plan Generated by Xacta

Xacta 360 Test Plan
Xacta generates a concise and executable test plan derived from automatic control selection factors like asset inventory, questionnaires, and data categorization.
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