AFITC 2021

Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower (AFITC) 2021

October 4, 2021 - October 7, 2021




October 4, 2021 - October 7, 2021

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As stated in the 2018 National Defense Strategy, it is now undeniable that the homeland is no longer a sanctuary. America is a target, whether from terrorists seeking to attack our citizens, malicious cyber activity against personal, commercial, or government infrastructure, or political and information subversion. Cyber-attacks offer adversaries low-cost and deniable opportunities to seriously damage or disrupt critical infrastructure, cripple American businesses, weaken our Federal networks, and attack the tools and devices that Americans use every day to communicate and conduct business.

The modernization of key capabilities, to include investing in cyber defense, resilience, and the continued integration of cyber capabilities, is required. Private-public dialogue is integral to building a new paradigm in which digital platforms are secure, and the nation is defended in a domain. Building bridges between government and the private sector is essential for dominance.

This year’s AFITC will host senior leaders from industry who will focus on specific examples and lessons learned to enable cyber Airmen to improve policy, operations, and acquisitions. Similarly, government leaders will focus on vision and expectations of the AF Cyber workforce, to educate Airmen and other Service members on the fact that industry is ahead of the military in defensive cyberspace solutions, and exhort more innovative energy to solve cyber challenges.

Meet Telos Representatives at AFITC 2021

Ben Maffe
David Babyak
Harrison Elliott
Nate Mangan

Featured at AFITC 2021

Telos Ghost®

Operating under the philosophy that “you can’t exploit what you can’t see,” the Telos Ghost virtual obfuscation network offers a completely anonymous way for companies to conduct business, connect to global resources, and do research online.

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Xacta 360®

Today’s enterprises face a growing number of complex IT risks, both internal and external to the organization. These challenges call for a flexible and responsive solution for visualizing your threat landscape, supporting risk-based decision-making, and ensuring compliance with rigorous security standards across the enterprise.

Read More™ offers security data at the speed and scale you need for threat-informed risk management. By correlating scan results from multiple security products across your organization into a single view, mapping them to relevant controls for security and risk management, helps you take control of your ever-changing cyber risk management and compliance landscape. You can then use these results to create reports for continuous security assessment and to understand trending security issues in the environment.

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