DoD Enterprise Software Initiative / SmartBUY

The DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) is a joint effort in coordination with the federal-wide SmartBUY program to maximize DoD buying power for commercially available information technology and selected services on a DoD-wide basis.

Telos GSA Schedule

Blanket Purchase Agreement

Telos offerings through the DoD ESI include:


The Xacta platform establishes a centralized cyber risk and compliance management platform that facilitates compliance assessment, continuous risk and compliance management, and security process enforcement. In addition to identifying risks, Xacta automatically initiates corrective actions to protect systems. It automates the A&A process, reduces time to produce an SSAA, and lowers cost to conduct an A&A. Quick procedures and full compliance with DFARS reduces acquisition costs.

Telos AMHS

Telos Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) allows users to manage their respective classified and unclassified defense messages in a more efficient and cost-effective manner and provides agency users with precise control over the large volume of messaging information they already handle every day.  Further, AMHS enables agencies to easily create, coordinate, release, archive, and search massive volumes of messages. Armed with AMHS, users can route mission-critical messaging information in real-time to appropriate personnel regardless of their location whether they are in the office or on the battlefield.

Support Services and Training

Support services and training are also available at discounted rates.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Section 208.74 requires use of an ESA before using another method of acquisition.

General Inquiries

For general information on Telos’ DoD ESI contract, please contact us at 1-800-70TELOS (1-800-708-3567)


Contact our sales staff for assistance with your requirements by calling toll free 1-800-70TELOS (1-800-708-3567) or via their contact information below.

Dave Matson, Phone 703-724-4688 Fax 703-724-3862 | 

Program Management Office (PMO) Lead
Les Johnson, Director of Services, Cyber Operations & Defense 703-724-3607 |

Program Manager, AMHS
Rogers Harrison, Phone 703-724-3751 Fax 703-724-3862 |

Program Manager, Xacta
Ben Taylor, Phone 571-201-2265 |