Core Values

Always with integrity, at Telos we:

  • Build trusted relationships
  • Work hard together
  • Design and deliver superior solutions, and
  • Have fun doing it.

Integrity is the baseline upon which our core values are built.  Integrity is a fundamental, non-negotiable requirement of employment, and an expectation of suppliers, partners, and customers, both internal and external. An essential aspect of our brand promise is that we always engage with integrity.

Trusted relationships thrive in an environment that demands mutual respect, and we cultivate these relationships among all with whom we do business.  We treat each other courteously, act in good faith, and expect others to do the same.

Collaborative hard work is a way of life for us. We strive to work as efficiently as possible, investing our resources to optimize results.  As individuals working together, we recognize that our actions have a significant impact on everyone around us.  We value individual contributions; however, once a direction is set, we execute with single-minded focus.

Superior solutions begin and end with the customer.  When we understand not only the project requirements but go beyond the business need to envision our customer’s mission, innovation and creativity result and success follows.   With rich expertise and strong leadership, we exceed our customer’s expectations and consistently deliver cost-effective results.

Fun and fulfillment are individual experiences, so we strive to understand what enriches each other’s lives and offer opportunities to thrive within a comfortable work environment.  Our work is demanding and humor and fun provide relief from the intensity inherent in our business.

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