About Telos®

Solutions that empower and
protect the enterprise.™

Telos Corporation offers advanced technology solutions that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises. 

We empower our customers with capabilities that enable them to reach new markets, serve citizens and customers more effectively, and accomplish vital missions in the nation’s defense. 

We protect our customer’s people, information, and digital assets so they can pursue their corporate goals and conduct their global missions with assured security and privacy. 

Our customers are demanding organizations in business, government, and the military, including Fortune 500 members, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), intelligence and civilian agencies of the federal government, and NATO allies and other organizations around the world.  We also partner with innovative technology leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Palo Alto Networks, and Rackspace.

Our Mission: Cyber, Cloud, and Enterprise Security

The Telos mission is to protect our customers’ people, systems, and vital information assets with offerings for cyber, cloud, and enterprise security.


Telos offers solutions and services that help you understand and manage cyber risk and assure the ongoing security, integrity, and compliance of your ICT and OT systems. We can also reduce or eliminate your organization’s attack surface with obfuscation, encryption, and managed attribution.

Cloud Security

Telos smooths your move to the cloud and protects your cloud-based assets with solutions that enable continuous compliance with industry and government security standards, and services that include cloud security engineering, cloud architecture reviews, and other migration services.

Enterprise Security

Telos protects your organization – its people and processes; its supply chains and inventories; its finances and facilities; its information and communications – with solutions for secure mobility, organizational messaging, network management and defense, and identity and access management.

Conduct assessments for and defend the most-attacked networks in the world

Telos professionals have conducted thousands of risk assessments worldwide

The first commercial web-based risk management and security compliance application

Developed with AWS the compliance solution for the highly secure C2S / S-C2S cloud

Provided the DoD’s largest enterprise wireless network deployment

Assure the identities of more than 10 million DoD personnel worldwide

Integrator of record for the largest identity application in the U.S. government

Secure communications system of record for all of DoD and the Intelligence Community

Saved the Air Force $80 million by replacing secure communications systems worldwide

CMMI Certification

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