Latest Release of Xacta 360™ and™ Includes Enhancement to Project Workflows, a Sneak Preview of a New Visual Reporting Feature, an Expanded API Library, and More 

Hugh Barrett
June 12, 2024 • 4 min read
Xacta: IT and Cyber Risk Management Platform

Telos Corporation has released Xacta 360 2.1 and 2.1. This release features both feature and performance enhancements to the platform’s user experience.    

Enhancements to Xacta 360   

This release of Xacta 360 introduces numerous features designed to allow customers to streamline project workflows further and boost efficiency through advanced customization and automation.   

“When it comes to compliance, one of the biggest challenges organizations face is understanding how to go beyond minimum requirements to reach real protection. Xacta is bridging that gap through customization and automation. The approach enables organizations to not only understand their unique risks but also take action to protect themselves and their customers. This is the direction that I believe compliance needs to go to be effective, so it’s refreshing to see Telos tackling it head-on,” said Chris Steffen, Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™) vice president of research.

Now, it’s easier than ever to upgrade from one regulation version to the next. For example, the team behind Xacta has optimized the platform to adapt from NIST 800-53 Rev 4 to NIST 800-53 Rev 5.   

Additionally, this version of Xacta has expanded the amount of information that can be retained in a project, allowing organizations to keep more information specific to a previous version of a regulation. System performance while performing these upgrades has also been improved.    

With the addition of new event notifications, we’ve enhanced the visibility of important project updates within the platform. These notifications are designed to alert you on a project’s assessment status, whether it’s changed manually or automatically using assessment rules, and on a task’s status when it’s changed to “Active.” These enhanced notifications ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest changes in your projects.   

The team behind Xacta has also added the ability to reference custom fields on the same page or list page in population expressions, which allows for more advanced (and customized) process step automation. Another enhancement is that Xacta can now “see” when updates have been made to information used by fields on the page – even if those updates aren’t currently visible – and will then alert the user to refresh the page to see the updated values.  

This release also enhances the search filter history feature to improve the overall process for both the search and data value selection features.  

Finally, as the team behind Xacta is always working behind the scenes to make Xacta easier than ever to use, tutorial videos providing a comprehensive walkthrough on specific page features on several pages within the application are now available to help users quickly get up to speed.   

Enhancements to  

The team behind Xacta has also made several enhancements to the user experience.  

This release of includes a sneak preview of Xacta MetriX™.  This feature allows users with the Master Administrator role to extract and visualize Xacta 360 and data and make these reports available to users as a reusable dashboard widget or an exported report.  

With Xacta MetriX, users can now select the data they want to display on the dashboard and the most appropriate visual representation of the information for their target audience, allowing them to show customizable views of metric-defined risk.  

In addition, user roles in are now more customizable than ever. The newest version of extends the ability to define user roles that meet customer needs.  Master administrators can select from different application permissions at the enterprise and/or system levels and assign users and systems to any newly defined roles they create.   

Performance in this version of has also been enhanced in several key areas, including improved, more efficient processing of import jobs.  

This release of also includes a broad expansion of the API library.’s flexible API architecture gives it the ability to integrate with any third-party security tool, and the new and updated endpoints in this release only make our ability to seamlessly integrate with other applications even easier and more powerful than before.   

These changes – and many more – that have been added to this release of Xacta 360 and are designed to improve the user experience overall and make Xacta easier to use than ever. If you want to learn more about Xacta’s latest enhancements, please schedule a demo here, and our cybersecurity experts can show you how Xacta gives you the power to continuously manage your cyber risk and security compliance initiatives through the power of automation.   

Hugh Barrett
Chief Product Officer, Xacta
Hugh Barrett is the Chief Product Officer, Xacta at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @hugibarr
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