Memorial Day 2024

John Wood - Telos Blog
John B. Wood
May 24, 2024 • 2 min read
Memorial Day 2024 - TAPS

Ashlynne Haycock-Lohmann was just 10 years old when her father, United States Army Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Haycock, died while training to deploy in 2002. 

He left behind his wife – an Air Force veteran – and three children, Ashlynne being the oldest.

Ashlynne and her family began navigating the painful and emotional journey of adjusting to their “new normal” without her father. She graduated high school, and started at American University to pursue a degree in political science. 

In spring of her sophomore year, Ashlynne’s mother died by suicide. 

I’ve had the honor of getting to know Ashlynne through my work as chairman of the board at TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). Her resilience, maturity, and dedication to supporting those who have walked a similar path is inspirational. 

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. There are many names for them: Dedicated Service Member. Brave Warrior. American Hero. Ashlynne’s story serves as a stark and poignant reminder that they also bear other names: Spouse. Father. Mother. Son. Daughter. They performed with heroism the work of the Armed Forces, but they also engaged in everyday activities. Watching Netflix with their spouse. Cheering their kids from the sidelines. Spending time with their parents. 

They leave behind a grateful country – and a family who loved them in and out of the uniform.

This Memorial Day, I encourage you to take a moment to not only honor these brave men and women for their valor, but also remember the gaping hole they leave in their family’s story.

John Wood - Telos Blog
John B. Wood
CEO of Telos Corporation
John B. Wood is the chairman and CEO of Telos Corporation.
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