Strengthening Commitment to Secure Solutions with the Achievement of NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator Status

Bill Nystrom
Bill Nystrom
August 23, 2023 • 2 min read
NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator Status

While my tenure at Telos began a few years ago, my knowledge of the organization began far before I arrived during my 20+ year career in the United States Air Force. Telos has an over 50-year track record of delivering secure infrastructure solutions across the DoD and intelligence community. With a deep understanding of DoD operational requirements, Telos has been a sustained partner in protecting sensitive data, delivering secure infrastructure, and safeguarding critical assets. This experience makes Telos an ideal partner for organizations seeking to enhance their secure communication infrastructure.

Building on that legacy, we are pleased to announce our achievement of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified) Trusted Integrator status. This designation from the NSA recognizes Telos’ expertise and commitment to delivering trusted, NSA-certified CSfC solutions to its customers.

As an NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator, we are well-equipped to help our customers design, test, and implement NSA-compliant architectures. Our goal is to provide them with the most secure and effective solutions that meet their specific mission needs and protect their critical information.

Employing NSA-certified CSfC solutions has become increasingly crucial for organizations seeking to support strategic initiatives such as Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) and Mission Partner Environment, which I wrote about recently. These initiatives require robust and secure infrastructure solutions that can protect sensitive information in dynamic operational environments. Telos’ designation as a CSfC Trusted Integrator positions the company to provide cutting-edge technology that enables classified data access across key mission partners over a broad range of transport mediums within a secure and resilient architecture.  

Telos has proven time and time again that we can work closely with authorizing officials to streamline the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) process, helping customers accelerate lengthy Authority to Operate (ATO) timelines. By leveraging this expertise and strong relationships with NSA, Telos will help customers navigate the rigorous CSfC registration process incorporating all applicable security posture information into a comprehensive system security plan that will enable new technologies to be integrated into operations at the speed of relevance.

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Bill Nystrom
Bill Nystrom
Chief Technology Officer
Bill Nystrom is Chief Technology Officer at Telos Corporation.
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