Alliant 2 Contract Extension: Continuing Our Record of Success

Lee Canterbury
Lee Canterbury
July 18, 2023 • 2 min read
Alliant 2 GSA

Telos Corporation (Telos) has a long, proud record of winning and fulfilling government contracts.

In 2018, Telos was selected as an Alliant 2 vendor. Alliant 2 is a Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) for IT services, and was awarded by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Recently, Telos announced the receipt of the five-year extension to permitting access to solicitations and the performance of work under this contract.

I couldn’t be more pleased that Telos will continue its support to the Government under this procurement vehicle.

Since 2007, the Alliant GWAC has been a valuable conduit for the Government to obtain solutions that support federal agencies with mission-critical, complex IT service requirements. Alliant 2 is open to all U.S. federal agencies, and it offers a comprehensive suite of IT services that support the functions of those agencies—while also fostering collaboration and encouraging shared practices across government enterprises.

Telos’ offerings under the scope of this contract include a suite of innovative IT and security services, including automated cyber risk management, cyber compliance, cyber threat intelligence, identity and access management, and network operation and defense.

The contract ceiling was previously $50 billion but was raised to $75 billion last year.

Alliant 2 provides maximum flexibility in acquiring an IT services-based solution for any conceivable IT services-based requirement. It was designed to drive government savings through both efficiencies and improved reporting data. With this contract extension, Telos will continue to support the deployment of technologies that can help military and civilian agencies enhance their communications capabilities and protect the nation from threats to IT security.

Lee Canterbury
Lee Canterbury
Senior Vice President of Growth
Lee Canterbury is Senior Vice President of Growth at Telos Corporation.
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