Latest Release of Xacta® 360 and Includes Extended API and Extended No-Code Configurations Options for Xacta 360 and Faster Processing Times in

Hugh Barrett
June 7, 2023 • 3 min read
Xacta: IT and Cyber Risk Management Platform

Telos Corporation has released Xacta 360 1.10 and 1.11, further enhancing the industry-leading Xacta® cyber risk management and continuous compliance platform.

Enhancements to Xacta 360 

In Xacta 360, the ability to manipulate data via the API has been extended. No-code configurations have also been extended and enhanced, including the addition of impact and likelihood selection on the risk analysis process steps, enhanced formatting for custom forms, and more.

In addition, project summary information is now available on the project list page. This means that users can view summarized information on a given project’s status without needing to navigate through the project to find the data.

Users can now attach artifacts to custom list pages, making them even more useful than ever. This functionality could mean capturing incidents, logging contracts or other transactions, or adding documentation required for audits.

Rich text editing has also been added to the application, meaning that customers can now leverage images, tables, and other formatting options to support a comprehensive description of implemented security controls. Data, images, and tables are published in the SSP and also visible in any area of the application that currently references the implementation statement.  

Other important new features include:

  • Folders in the artifact library allowing you to better organize your artifacts
  • Assessment event on the project list page
  • The ability to enforce the use of the completed checkbox as part of the submission process

And much more.

Finally—for FedRAMP customers—Xacta now allows users to generate SSPs in OSCAL format, which can then be submitted to the FedRAMP PMO. This can speed the FedRAMP process by reducing the drag and lead time for review.

Enhancements to

Multiple enhancements have also been made to, including the ability to schedule imports through the API and receive email notifications for actions that require time to process. Significant improvements have been made to the application’s performance as well, improving the overall speed and usage.

Other enhancements to include:

  • The ability to tag assets as verified or unverified
  • The addition of a diagnostic module
  • Make site-level asset imports configurable

These changes are designed to improve the overall experience for our customers and—along with the core functionality Xacta is known for—provide the necessary context to make timely and accurate risk-based decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about Xacta’s latest enhancements or about how Xacta can benchmark and automate your cyber risk management and compliance program, please schedule a demo here and our cybersecurity experts can demonstrate the power of Xacta’s automation and show you how Xacta can transform your organization’s IT risk management processes.

Hugh Barrett
Chief Product Officer, Xacta
Hugh Barrett is the Chief Product Officer, Xacta at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @hugibarr
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