Cybersecurity News in Review

Robert DuPree
September 23, 2022 • 4 min read

This week’s Cybersecurity News in Review includes articles on the announcement that states can finally apply for state and local cybersecurity grants established last year by Congress, an executive order to include cybersecurity and supply chain risk assessments in the government’s review of foreign investment transactions, an upcoming CISA strategy to establish performance goals for assessing critical infrastructure cybersecurity, and recommendations from the FBI to improve medical device cybersecurity.  There is also coverage of Space Force’s efforts to address cybersecurity, warnings from U.S. general about Chinese cyber threats, and a new private sector survey placing cybersecurity as the number one threat. Finally, there are stories looking at why Russia’s cyber offensive against Ukraine has not lived up to expectations and OMB’s new memo on software security requirements for government vendors.

First year of state and local gov’t cyber grant funding now open for applications

Nextgov says the Biden Administration announced Sept. 16 the FY 2022 “notice of funding opportunity” for the state and local government cybersecurity grant program authorized by Congress last fall. The FY 2022 funding is the first in the four-year, $1 billion program, and states must submit applications by mid-November. Read more…

Gov’t review of foreign investment must now include cyber, supply chain risks

FCW reports on a new presidential executive order directing the cross-agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)to, when reviewing covered transactions, consider impacts on critical supply chains, cybersecurity threats, risks to sensitive data and other matters. Read more…

CISA to unveil plan to measure cybersecurity of critical infrastructure

According to Nextgov, CISA is preparing to release a plan with performance goals to measure over the next three years how well government cybersecurity standards protect public and private critical infrastructure. Read more…

FBI issues recommended steps to protect medical devices from cyber threats

Security Magazine reports on recommendations from the FBI on how the nation’s healthcare sector can better defend medical devices against cyber attacks.  Read more…

Space Force devoting more personnel to satellite cybersecurity

Space News quotes a senior U.S. Space Force official on plans by U.S. Space Operations Command to have cybersecurity and intelligence specialists work with U.S. satellite operators to protect their systems from cyber attacks. Read more…

Generals issue warnings regarding Chinese cyber threats to U.S. military network

Air & Space Forces Magazine cite several top U.S. military officials as warning that the nation is not sufficiently prepared to defend against the threat of Chinese cyber attacks that could target DoD’s plans for a network to connect all data via the joint all-domain command and control (JADC2). Read more…

Survey spotlights cybersecurity as biggest threat to businesses

Dark Reading says a recent multi-nation survey of private sector cyber pros found that cybersecurity is seen as a bigger threat to their businesses in seven of the eight participating countries, including the U.S., than the pandemic, economic upheaval or skilled workforce shortages. Read more... 

Could Moscow’s heavy hand have undercut Russian cyber attacks against Ukraine?

CSO takes a look at various reasons why Russia has not more successfully utilized its cyber capabilities during its invasion of Ukraine, speculates that possible meddling from Moscow could be a prime culprit. Read more…

Implications of OMB’s software security memo and requirement for vendor self-attestation

Federal News Network discusses how OMB’s recent software security memo could be the most impactful of the Administration’s steps to meet the objectives of President Biden’s May 2021 cybersecurity executive order, and speculates on why OMB decided to require vendors to self-attest to meeting the software supply chain requirements issued by NIST in February. Read more…

Robert DuPree
Manager of Government Affairs
Robert DuPree is the manager of government affairs at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @RFDuPree
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