A Strong Partner Ecosystem Delivers a FASTTR Time-to-Market

Charla Bunton-Johnson
October 26, 2021 • 3 min read

As cyber and ransomware attacks increase and become more sophisticated, the collective global economic infrastructure is at risk. IT decision makers who lead digital transformation initiatives are relying even more on partners and alliances who can deliver the most effective and innovative solutions for cyber, cloud, and enterprise security that solve customer challenges.

Technology leaders at all levels—from national government and defense to local government and education—are requiring tighter security that is repeatable and validated for on-premises as well as cloud infrastructure. However, it can be costly and time consuming to gain the Authority to Operate (ATO) needed to launch new services and applications in the cloud.

Building environments to meet the exacting security controls along with the documentation expected by Third-party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) is a highly specialized skill, with processes that are historically very manual in nature. Most organizations don’t have the skills on staff to do this efficiently, resulting in high costs to re-design the security boundary and document the myriad controls with spreadsheets and word processing software. Since this is not the core competency for most, there is often lots of re-work, delays, and often project abandonment. 

To address the high cost and ambiguity, an innovative team of high-tech and cybersecurity leaders, including Telos®, stackArmor, and Splunk® have come together to enable Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers with ATO success through FASTTR on AWS, which delivers significantly faster deployment for FedRAMP, StateRAMP, and requirements from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements. FASTTR stands for Faster ATO with Splunk, Telos and ThreatAlert® for Regulated Markets.

Bethann Pepoli (Splunk), Troy Bertram (Telos), and Martin Rieger (stackArmor) talk with John Furrier at AWS Summit DC 2021 in Washington, D.C.

FASTTR on AWS features pre-selected and configured security tools automatically deployed as stackArmor’s ThreatAlert® ATO Accelerator, Splunk Enterprise Security’s security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities to reduce cost and streamline continuous monitoring and auditability, and the Xacta® cyber risk management and compliance automation platform from Telos. The unique combination of cybersecurity engineering and re-use of security control artifacts, compliance automation with NIST Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), and continuous monitoring services delivered in-boundary within an AWS Landing Zone dramatically reduces the time and cost of ATO projects.

At the recent AWS Summit Washington, DC, representatives from these three companies enjoyed an engaging conversation about the capabilities and benefits of FASTTR in an interview for theCUBE.  Just as important, they discussed the power behind the partnership, as each organization brought to bear capabilities that led to the creation of this unique offering for expediting ATOs.

With our Xacta compliance automation platform, Telos is positioned to work with partners who share the vision of accelerating security compliance for customers in highly regulated industries. As Troy Bertram, our vice president of enterprise sales, said in the interview, “We have a passion for the mission, and that’s what brought these three companies together.” (Watch the informative theCUBE interview to learn more about the benefits of FASTTR.)

FASTTR is a solution that solves customer challenges and enables secure business continuity and insights.  This is a great example of why collaborations exist and how collaborative innovation can better serve a growing marketplace that needs help with the complexities of cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance.


Charla Bunton-Johnson
Sr. Director, Partner Marketing
Charla Bunton-Johnson is the Senior Director, Partner Marketing at Telos.
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