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Tom Badders
January 26, 2021 • 2 min read

As my colleague Paul Capasso stated so eloquently in a recent contribution to this blog, the sudden rush to support teleworkers has become a matter of survival for many organizations. This exponential expansion has added new complexity to enterprise architectures, delivering a target rich-environment for attackers looking to find and exploit network vulnerabilities.

I have recently had the privilege of working with TAG Cyber CEO Dr. Ed Amoroso to host a webinar and author a white paper on this very subject.  You can hear our conversation by accessing the on-demand webinar, Become Invisible for Ultimate Secure Remote Access. Or download the white paper, Achieving Invisibility for Ultra-Secure Remote Access, for more thoughts.

In each medium, Ed and I discuss the new, proven security technique – virtual obfuscation – and how it can be used to secure a mobile or remote workforce against the latest threats.  We outline the advantages of this new approach to cybersecurity and answer many questions you may have.

  • Why are enterprise VPNs and Zero Trust architectures not sufficient for work-from-anywhere security?
  • How do the unique elements of a virtual obfuscation network work together to isolate and protect sensitive remote-access requirements?
  • Where is virtual obfuscation being used today to protect cyber threat research, supply chain security, and other highly sensitive applications?

If you are among the myriad IT managers and cybersecurity professionals facing the challenges of safely supporting an expanding remote work force, these free resources will help you see how making information and applications invisible to adversaries on the network is the first step to ultimate remote-access security. 

Access these resources here:

White paper: Achieving Invisibility for Ultra-Secure Remote Access

On-demand webinar: Become Invisible for Ultimate Secure Remote Access

Tom Badders
Senior Product Manager
Tom Badders is a Senior Product Manager at Telos Corporation.
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