New Xacta Integration Creates a “Fast-Lane” for Azure Customers Traveling the ATO and Compliance Highway

Lisa Conway
May 18, 2020 • 3 min read
Microsoft Azure

In July 2019, Telos signed a development agreement with Microsoft to optimize Telos’ Xacta® 360 for Microsoft Azure. The goal was simple. Bring the Xacta compliance automation and acceleration benefits, already proven in the Intelligence Community’s C2S environment and in many other government agencies, to the Azure Government environment. We wanted customers running Azure workloads and multi-cloud workloads to achieve faster ATOs, and with that, faster time-to-mission.

With the release of Xacta’s integration with Microsoft Azure announced earlier this week, Telos and Microsoft have achieved that goal. Together, we have created a fast-lane, so-to-speak, for Azure customers travelling the ATO and compliance highway. As described recently in an blog post, Xacta now integrates with Azure Policy and Blueprints, enabling customers to centrally manage compliance policies, track their compliance status, and enforce policies to ensure compliance going forward. Xacta can also streamline the inheritance of common security controls from Azure via provider projects. Why is all of this important?

The “why” behind our partnership with Microsoft centers on our customers. Telos supports a large customer base with diverse missions, workloads, and cloud specifications. Over the past few years, our customers’ feedback to us was clear. They wanted the same compliance reporting functionality for their Azure-based systems as they’ve come to rely on for their on-premises and other cloud environments. They wanted to use the same trusted compliance automation solution across their multi-cloud environment. On top of that, they wanted simplified ways to procure their Xacta solution. As such, Xacta is available in the Azure Marketplace.

How this integration delivers on the goal of accelerating compliance will be explained in more detail on our upcoming webinar, Accelerating ATO in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, on May 28, 2020 at 2pm ET. In this webinar, Azure’s CISO for High Security Clouds, Richard Scher, and Telos VP of Strategy and Cloud, Steve Horvath, will explain not only the technical integrations but also the use of inheritance and recommended controls implementation to significantly reduce the compliance burden for organizations taking advantage of the Azure platform.

This growing integration with Microsoft Azure gives our customers a choice – which is just what they asked for.  Telos remains committed to our core values… to design and deliver superior solutions… and that begins and ends with our customers. Their requirements and their continued satisfaction drive us to deliver superior solutions every day.

We hope you will join us on May 28, 2020 for our webinar. Save your spot today, by registering here:

Lisa Conway
Vice President of Sales Operations and Alliances
Lisa Conway is the vice president of sales operations and alliances at Telos Corporation.
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