Digital Disguises for Cyber Operations

Tom Badders
November 4, 2019 • 2 min read

How cyber red teams avoid detection when performing their missions

There are various types of cyber operations that need to disguise the identities of their personnel and avoid detection to protect networks and information: red teams, penetration testers, security researchers, and cyber threat analysts.

But beyond that, the need for online anonymity also applies to a wide range of sensitive business information and processes, such as:

  • Competitive research
  • Financial reports and transactions
  • Healthcare information
  • Market intelligence
  • Energy exploration
  • Legal proceedings
  • Government and university research

In short, the need for online anonymity is growing. Last week, I had the privilege of hosting a webinar with David Vaughn, a highly respected information security research engineer.  We discussed the use cases and tools used for online anonymity, as well as:

  • The differences between non-attribution, mis-attribution, and managed attribution
  • An overview of tools in the market today that help obfuscate or disguise a cyber operator’s identity
  • An understanding of digital exhaust, software fingerprinting, and other concerns that arise when conducting cyber operations

Telos Ghost offers a range of these kinds of capabilities for protecting people and information in the digital domain.  It successfully controls your complete online presence without discernible latency or identifiable source location. For more information, visit:

I invite you to watch the on-demand webinar here:

Tom Badders
Senior Product Manager
Tom Badders is a Senior Product Manager at Telos Corporation.
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