Cloud to the Rescue for Cyber Risk Management and Compliance

Rick Tracy
August 27, 2020 • 3 min read

Hosted, as-a-service offerings help make business operations pandemic-resistant.

Here we were just minding our business in mid-March when life as we know it literally changed overnight. As a result of COVID-19 many businesses went from a 10% to a 90%+ remote workforce overnight. IT departments scrambled to figure out how to support employees who were abruptly forced to work from home.

Forward-leaning companies already had capabilities and processes in place to support remote work.  Other companies have had to learn on the fly and make appropriate technology investments very quickly to avoid business disruption, or worse.

This “new normal” has further highlighted the critical importance of internet connectivity and the economy’s dependence on it. If COVID-19 had happened in the 1980s, before email and the internet were mainstream, the impact of the pandemic would certainly have been much worse. It would be nearly impossible to run a modern business with just landlines, typewriters, fax machines, and snail mail.

More recently, the cloud has allowed organizations to leverage a wide range of hosted/as-a-service offerings. Pretty much anything you need to run your company can be purchased as-a-service via the internet. Many companies in a number of industries have found that their business is nearly COVID-resistant thanks to these information technologies that we all take for granted.

Xacta is cloud-enabled, and enables the cloud.

Some years ago, Telos made the strategic decision to make our Xacta platform cloud-enabled, and began offering it as a hosted service. This includes a variety of deployment types, e.g., traditional SaaS and managed subscriptions.  In any case, the hosted version includes all of the software functionality and support needed to enable your cyber risk management objectives. We recognized that a hosted offering provided much-needed convenience and efficiency for our customers. We also know now, due to the Coronavirus, that this strategy offers business resiliency.

Beyond being hosted in the cloud itself, Xacta can help manage security, risk, and compliance of cloud-based workloads, which are increasing by the day as more organizations recognize the convenience, efficiency, and resiliency of the cloud for supporting new ways of doing business. As a hosted solution, Xacta continues to support our customers in managing cyber risk as they leverage more cloud-based offerings despite physical workforce limitations imposed during the pandemic (no travel, remote work, no physical interaction, etc.).

Because, at its core, Xacta is a cyber risk and compliance management platform that allows for collaboration among various people in various roles. Xacta facilitates virtual workflow-based processes, allowing any number of people to participate in security, risk, compliance, audit, and management activities from any location via the internet. In this remote-work era, Xacta lets individuals and teams continue to work together virtually on complex, multi-site assessments and audits without missing a beat.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic we all knew that the internet and cloud services offered convenience and efficiency. However, after nearly six months, we now also know that they make it possible for organizations to continue carrying out mission-critical business functions and supporting revenue-generating activities despite workforce limitations imposed by the Coronavirus.  Cloud-hosted solutions like Xacta ensure that critical business functions such as cyber risk and compliance management are resilient and resistant to present and future pandemics.

Rick Tracy
Senior VP and Chief Security Officer
Rick Tracy is the senior vice president and chief security officer at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @rick_tracy
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