I-STAMS: Scalable, modular tactical mesh wireless network for classified and unclassified voice, video, and data.

The I-STAMS solution was designed to provide a scalable and modular tactical mesh wireless system to support classified and unclassified voice, video, and data services for DoD fixed and deployable forces ranging from 15 to 5,000 users.  The I-STAMS network package provides multiple service options for home station and deployed tactical environments.

Existing tactical mesh solutions take a building block approach toward implementing secure wireless network solutions rather than taking a total systems approach across the tactical environment.  I-STAMS modules can be combined with existing tactical systems or function independently to create a turnkey systems approach for secure wireless networking.

The I-STAMS system has been engineered to address the following security criteria into a single system package:

  • Data Confidentiality and Integrity (SIPR tunnel through NIPR)
  • Availability and Network Robustness (Autonomous Mesh Networks)
  • Interoperability, Standards and Cross Vendor Support
To reduce the deployment timeframe for tactical operations, the I-STAMS system module combines the necessary security and network components into a turnkey, sustainable core system with integrated Common Criteria Certified Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL-4) firewall and network switch/router purpose-built to support multi-node wired and wireless network operation.  The system also offers a reduced form factor of just over 20cu/ft.

I-STAMS was created specifically to provide classified wireless services over an unclassified wireless network with coverage that scales from a small footprint to large deployments with a limited impact to the core system.  I-STAMS supports secure wireless transport for SIPRNET capable wireless devices from L3 and Harris. 

I-STAMS Wireless Distribution Module (WDM)

Portable, weatherproof WLAN module to extend the I-STAMS network to remote locations.

Telos offers a Wireless Distribution Module (WDM) for the I-STAMS package that provides high speed, long-range wireless point-to-point and point-to-multi-point tactical mesh network extension service. The WDM was designed to link forward-operating warfighters to central operations at distances up to 32 miles line of site.

The I-STAMS WDM is a complete Radio Module Access Point designed for rapid field deployment. The WDM includes all of the components for complete operation and assembly is “tools-free.”

The WDM enables tactical mesh networking in environments with no available infrastructure over secure FIPS 140-2 AES encrypted links. It combines the functions of an access point, switch, wireless bridge, and security gateway specifically designed for rugged, outdoor environments.

Telos has a lab dedicated to testing secure wireless network technology. Updates to the system components and firmware are evaluated in the lab before they are fielded.