Secure Wireless Implementation Methodology

Key to the success of our secure wireless solutions is the Telos methodology for designing and deploying them. Our comprehensive process begins with the creation of a sound security policy and includes in-depth requirements analysis, site surveys, systems integration and engineering, installation, security certification, and ongoing support.

Security Policy Development.
Federal and DoD agencies are responsible for complying with regulations such as D0D 8100.2 and NIST 140-2 that define security requirements for wireless networks. Telos can assist your organization in developing wireless security policies, definitions, and responsibilities that meet these requirements in order to counter vulnerabilities and security risks introduced by wireless technologies and the infrastructure installed to support them.

Requirements Analysis and Concept Design. Telos begins by assessing your existing infrastructure in order to leverage your current investments and minimize new spending. We survey, evaluate and provide technical advice on all existing communications, power, and environmental elements of the designated site, then report on our conclusions and recommendations prior to beginning work.

Wireless Site Survey. Our on-site assessment includes site preparation, signal coverage, AC power and Ethernet, building penetration, server location and connectivity, security, and coordination with base personnel. Telos engineers perform site surveys using our automated survey tools to identify RF coverage requirements for seamless roaming and avoidance of interference and dead spots. This work results in a site survey report that details the criteria required for successful system installation and implementation.

Network Architecture Design. Telos identifies the best technology solutions available and integrates them into your network environment to provide highly available, secure, scalable, manageable, and reliable services. From project planning and network assessment to solution design and documentation, Telos network architecture design ensures maximum efficiency and performance and compliance with industry standards and organizational policies for information security.

Solution Integration. Telos partners with industry-leading vendors and packages their components for secure and reliable performance even in harsh field conditions. We also provide client devices that support wireless applications, such as pen tablets, bar code scanners, hand-held computers, wearable computers, and head-mount displays. Telos operates a 67,000 square foot ISO-9001 system integration center, where we test and integrate the components of your solution to validate that everything will perform as projected.

Installation and Verification. Our site preparation work includes electrical and network installation for access points, installation of all RF devices, software integration, installation and configuration of VPN hardware and software. In addition, Telos performs configuration of network addresses and security IDs, configuration of wireless client devices, and a complete site checkout for seamless roaming and efficient throughput of the wireless network.

Spectrum and Frequency Approvals. A hidden element in the provision of wireless solutions is acquiring approvals for use of radio spectrum. Telos is expert in the development of spectrum-approval documentation, including DD-1494 documentation and J/F-12 approvals for fixed and deployable installations. 

Network Security and Certification. Our solutions feature built-in security and information assurance architecture. Telos solutions utilize a variety of the latest technologies to encrypt traffic, enable seamless roaming, and provide secure access to the rest of the network. As part of our secure wireless solutions work, we apply our own industry-leading application that automates the security A&A process and produces a A&A document that complies with regulations such as the NIST Risk Management Framework, the RMF for DoD IT, CNSSI 1253, and others. 

Support. Telos provides multi-year, multi-level support, including warranty, maintenance, onsite administration, security posture updates, and all other support and upgrades during the solution life cycle as required.