Communications on the Move: Video, data, and voice on the move for single vehicles or convoys.

Telos Secure Networks offers Communications on the Move (COTM) for the warfighter and the first responder. Comms on the Move is a true on-the-move, everything over IP, mobile broadband solution with always-connected satellite backhaul. Integrating mesh wireless networks, our Communications on the Move offering provides real-time support for a full range of IP applications including data, voice over wireless IP, two-way video surveillance, mesh wireless radar and ground-based sensor monitoring and response, coordination tools, force tracking and logistics capabilities.

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"Incoming: COTM"

"Integrators such as Telos have the capability to combine many technologies into a single, mobile, IP-based, interoperable on-the-move communications system." Article

Comms on the Move (COTM) military vehicleComms on the Move (COTM) emergency response vehicle