Certified secure networks for DoD and federal requirements.

Information assurance for network security.Telos has helped military agencies lay the groundwork for secure networks in compliance with leading DoD and government secure wireless standards such as DoD 8100.2 and FIPS 140-2.
Telos was an original member of the DoD’s wireless policy working group and provided guidance on Air Force wireless policy and the assessment and authorization (A&A) of their wireless systems. In addition, we assisted the Air Force and the Navy in developing and validating their standard secure wireless architecture. The result: consistent success in preventing penetration attacks from friendly and unfriendly potential intruders.

Offerings from Telos Secure Networks feature built-in security and information assurance architecture. Our solutions utilize a variety of the latest technologies to encrypt traffic, enable seamless roaming, and provide secure access to the rest of the network. As part of our secure wireless solutions work, we apply our own industry-leading application that automates the security A&A process and produces a A&A document that complies with standards such as the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the RMF for DoD IT.