Secure Passive Optical Network Solutions from Telos Corporation

S-PON replaces legacy PDS and desktop encryption at a lower cost and higher capacity with simplified COMSEC.  

  • SIPRNet in minutesTelos S-PON: See the light
  • Lower cost / space / power
  • Eliminates hardened PDS
  • Eliminates desktop encryption
Telos Corporation offers secure passive optical network (S-PON) solutions for federal agencies and the Department of Defense.  Passive optical networking technology is an economical alternative to copper-based active Ethernet LANs, and S-PON is an economical alternative to legacy protective distribution systems (PDS) and desktop encryption devices.

Telos integrates several best-of-breed network and security technologies into these solutions. Key elements include JITC-certified PON technology INTERCEPTOR™ Intelligent-PDS™ and INTERCEPTOR™, the NSTISSI-7003-compliant Alarmed Carrier PDS solution from Network Integrity Systems.

S-PON certified Telos engineering teams design, integrate and implement these solutions, drawing on their decades of experience in secure network infrastructure.  Telos S-PON solutions can help DoD and federal IT and IA managers:

  • Replace legacy Hardened Carrier PDS systems (eliminating human daily visual inspections)
  • Eliminate the need for desktop encryption devices
  • Simplify information assurance protocols and COMSEC management
  • Reduce capital expenses (network equipment, cabling, etc.)
  • Reduce operating expenses (power costs, maintenance, etc.)
  • Reduce space requirements and energy consumption
  • Maximize the lifecycle of their network infrastructure

S-PON incorporates the INTERCEPTOR™ Intelligent-PDS™ solution

The key component of the Telos S-PON end-to-end solution is the patented INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System from Network Integrity Systems.Interceptor Certified logo

INTERCEPTORs have been deployed across the globe and have recorded over 35 million channel hours monitoring U.S. government classified networks.  INTERCEPTOR is protecting data up to the TS/SCI level including JWICS in high threat level environments.  Deployments include Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, the Pentagon, DISA, Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Justice, and others.

Telos Secure PON diagram

A Telos Secure PON end-to-end solution leverages the cost, space, and power advantages of PON technology
with the infrastructure security of Intelligent-PDS™ technology.

Using patented technology, INTERCEPTOR monitors spare fibers within the cables requiring protection to detect unauthorized tampering with the infrastructure.  INTERCEPTOR’s smart-filtering technology learns to accept normal day-to-day activity within the environment to eliminate false alarms.

A single INTERCEPTOR port can secure cable pathways extending to several dozen classified endpoints to enable flexible network zone architectures.  INTERCEPTOR is manufactured in the USA at an ISO 9001 and ITAR registered manufacturing facility.

 NIS vs Legacy PDS chart  NIS vs Encryption chart
INTERCEPTOR™ is a trademark of Network Integrity Systems.