Passive optical networks: lower cost, higher speed, and greater security.

Optical LANs built with PON technology deliver voice, data and video at gigabit speeds over secure optical fiber. 

  • Telos PON: See the light.Cost-effective to install and maintain

  • Fast and robust performance

  • Highly secure (SIPRNet/NIPRNet)

  • Green technology / environmentally friendly
Passive optical networks (PON) are already bringing blazing fast connectivity to the home and the office.  Now you can bring this same high-speed, high-performance networking technology right to the desktop.  

Telos Corporation offers PON services and solutions that enable your enterprise to get a fresh start with your network infrastructure.  Whether you’re building a new facility or retrofitting an existing one, Telos optical LAN solutions offer secure, long-lasting, cost-effective performance.

Ethernet vs. Passive Optical Networks

On the left: An Ethernet LAN requires multiple cable runs and ponderous hardware that takes up precious space and consumes costly energy.  On the right: A passive optical LAN simplifies installation and operation and reduces expenses by eliminating the need for redundant cable and switching/routing equipment.

PON: Making networks faster, lighter, more flexible, and more economical.

Until now, deploying the infrastructure to support voice, data, and video has required installing and managing multiple networks using different types of cables, conduits, and networking hardware – all at great effort and cost, occupying a tremendous amount of space and consuming a lot of effort and energy.  

But PON lets you consolidate all communications modalities in a single network architecture that’s easier to install, more cost-effective to build and operate, low maintenance, fast, robust, and highly secure. 

Optical fiber vs. copper: the choice is clearDramatic cost savings.  Optical fiber is drastically less expensive than Ethernet cable.  And it can carry a signal 12 miles versus 300 feet for copper wiring.  That means passive optical networks don’t require repeaters, switches, cooling, and other gear that’s expensive to purchase, install and operate.  And an optical LAN can slash your annual energy costs by two thirds.

Green technology for environmentally friendly operation.  Those same energy savings also mean a smaller carbon footprint.  PON gives you a big advantage in meeting LEED certification and Energy Star qualifications.  And with federal agencies under a mandate to reduce power consumption by 30 percent by 2015, PON’s energy savings start to look even more attractive.  

Speed-of-light performance for today and tomorrow.   Single-mode optical fiber can support speeds up to 69 Tbps compared with 10 Gbps for Cat 6 cabling.  That’s sufficient capacity to meet the most ambitious communications strategy, eliminating the need for separate lines for converged voice, data and video.

Simplify installation.  Lightweight yet tough, modern optical fiber has twice the tensile strength of Ethernet cable so you can pull and bend it without damage or interfering with performance.  You can also reclaim your floors, ceilings and wiring closets thanks to the smaller footprint and space requirements of a PON installation.  

Building for the future.  The 50-year lifecycle of fiber lets you install now with the confidence that your infrastructure will still be serving you generations from now, ready to support any networking and computing requirements that come along.

Extremely secure In addition to the inherent intrusion protection that optical fiber offers, PON is a natural fit with interlocking alarmed fiber since adjacent strands can be monitored from within the same bundle. Alarm management systems gives network managers the means to identify, plan and remediate alarm events using all security assets available at a site. PON also enables you to run multiple classifications through the same conduit -- for example, SIPR and NIPR – for efficient use of your networking resources. 

An ideal complement to secure wireless PON brings gigabit speeds to access points and wireless controllers as well as to the desktop.  It’s an ideal complement to secure wireless environments.   

Supports EoIP and other digital networking initiatives.  Optical LANs offer massive bandwidth to support integrating voice, data and video over the same cable runs with no degradation in quality or fidelity.  

Throw off the costs and slow performance of copper wiring and move to the light.  Our optical LANs can dramatically increase the speed and performance of your local network, for less total cost, greater security, and better performance.