Secure Network Solutions

  Wired and wireless
  Classified and unclassified
  DoD and First Responders
  Federal and Intelligence Agencies

Secure net-centric voice,
data, and video solutions
Hundreds of installations
Increased efficiency, reduced costs,
improved mission outcomes
Private cloud infrastructure:
rapid, secure, cost-effective
SE7EN NetAlert
Telos Ghost -- Protect users and data across your network by making them invisible.
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SE7EN NetAlert
SE7EN: NetAlert -- Protect and defend
your network infrastructure 24 hours/day,
365 days/year with this interactive touch-
optimized infrastructure monitoring tool.

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Tactical Mesh Networks: Scalable,
modular tactical mesh wireless networks
for classified and unclassified voice,
video, & data.
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Voice, data, and video networking solutions to support defense and first responder missions.

  • DoD-level security for all customers
  • Turnkey solutions, competitive pricing
  • A single source for all your network equipment, installation, and configuration needs
  • Solar and other alternative power sources for "go anywhere" capabilities
  • Proven track record of success with over 200 installations worldwide
  • Sales staff delivering personalized service to guide you each step of the way
  • Site references upon request

Telos Secure Networks provides secure networking architectures and solutions to the DoD, first responders, federal government, and intelligence agencies. Our net-centric solutions enable collaboration and connectivity in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve mission outcomes.

Telos provides an extensive range of wired and wireless, fixed and deployable, classified and unclassified voice, data, and video secure network solutions and services to support defense and civilian missions. Our capabilities include network design and operation, system integration and engineering, ITS/ISP/OSP services, program management, and (of course) built-in network security. 

We invite you to review our product and service offerings, contracts, partnerships, and other elements of our secure network solutions.