Telos AMHS Training Programs

Get the most from your messaging solution with Telos AMHS training

To ensure your organization receives all the benefits of AMHS, Telos offers specialized training for Users and System Administrators. Held periodically at Telos Corporation headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, these classes give participants clear how-to information, guided demonstrations and practical hands-on experience.  See complete class descriptions in the pages at right.

Please be advised, AMHS training dates are subject to change.

System Admin
Training Dates (version 3.1.4)

December 4-7, 2012
February 5-8, 2013
March 5-8, 2013
April 16-19, 2013
May 14-17, 2013
June 4-7, 2013
July 16-19, 2013

Training Dates

Please contact for dates and information.

Mobile Class
Training Dates

Please contact for dates and information.

Inclement Weather

If inclement weather creates a question regarding the cancellation or delay of training, a decision will be made that day no later than 7:00 am. You may call 1-800-444-9628 for a recorded announcement.