Telos Secure Directory:

Gain greater confidence your organization’s security posture

Correlate results from your organization’s security products into a single view and map them to the relevant controls

Utilize trending reports for greater understanding of how findings have been changing over time.

Increase analysts’ effectiveness in understanding extensive security results

Standardize your security approach and methodology by using centralized repositories of mappings to controls

Telos Secure Directory

Integrated directory services for large enterprises, coalition forces, and other widely distributed organizations. 

  • Creates a single secure directory of contact information integrated from multiple enterprises and coalition partners
  • Assures that documents, e-mails, and other information go to the right people
  • Supports interaction with social media and collaboration platforms
  • Roles- and attributes-based security restricts access to authorized personnel
  • Reduces the cost and effort of directory integration and administration
  • Supports Telos’ secure communication and collaboration solutions
Telos Secure Directory overview diagram showing U.S. combatant commands, NATO forces, CCEB nations, and others sharing a secure unified directory.
Telos Secure Directory creates a cross-domain, cross-organizational directory of contact information for staff, contractors, and coalition partners.  It ensures that only authorized personnel can access information and communicate with specific personnel, departments, and offices.

Telos Secure Directory is a standards-based infrastructure that supports the development of a dynamically updated, highly searchable repository of contact and related information about staff, contractors, and visitors.

Its capabilities include local directory management and integration, system management, and support for integration with a distributed environment. Its operations can be extended to other servers for virtually unlimited scalability and interoperability across many directories within an organization. And, it complies with open standards to interface with a wide variety of legacy and future applications.

Purpose-designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements, Telos Secure Directory serves as a single point of reference and update for identity, contact, and related information.

Telos Secure Directory is optimized for high performance search in the most demanding environments:

Keeps multiple directories in synch across multiple applications and boundaries -- Organizations can integrate multiple disparate directories to reduce the technical, political and organizational issues created by directory implementations.

Telos Secure Directory can synchronize data from one directory server to another as well as completely provision employee and other information.

Employs approximate matching strategies to ensure successful searches -- including full integration of the US Defense and NATO Word Nomenclature and the NATO APP6A Mapping Symbols.  

Single sign on simplifies logon management, reducing maintenance costs -- eliminates the need for administrators to maintain user authentication credentials, enables personnel to maintain their own contact information

Access controls protect privacy and sensitive information -- XACML-based access control and attribute-based access control (ABAC) allow multiple partners to set their own access authorization policies
Diagram showing Telos Secure Directory's attribute-based access control capabilities
The Telos Secure Directory uses ABAC to offer fine-grained and context-aware access control that adapts to dynamically changing needs.

Fine-grained and context-aware access control adapts to dynamically changing needs -- protects sensitive information and provides a delegated administration model to allow a number of authorized users to make differing levels of updates

Policy tools simplify administration and enforcement -- Easy updates whenever names, roles, and organizations change; drag-and-drop to make updates in a matter of minutes

Diagram of an org chart being easily changed with Telos Secure Directory's drag-and-drop functionality
Telos Secure Directory provides a simple Web-based, drag-and-drop administrative interface to seamlessly support rapidly changing environments and to enable simple and rapid organizational changes.

User-friendly Web client for content access, creation and editing -- Offers an effective platform to rapidly develop and edit dynamic Web-based content, integrate and manage a variety of Web-based and corporate social network functionality

Border directories and directory guards enable secure data sharing -- fully tested and deployed in both roles as part of a number of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff CWID (Coalition Wide Area Demonstration) programs.

Scalable to tens of millions of entries in a single directory server -- no restrictions on the size or number of attributes, depth of the directory information tree, or the number of connected users.

Supports LDAP, X.500 and XML environments -- an XML Enabled Directory (XED) that stores, manages and transmits XML format data while continuing to support existing LDAP and X.500 clients.

Diagram showing that Telos Secure Directory server supports multiple views of information across the directory environment.
Telos Secure Directory – a purpose-built directory server offering superior fundamental capabilities in both traditional and emerging technologies.