• C2, situation awareness • First responder virtual emergency operations centers • Distance learning and training • Virtual command and control systems • Telemedicine/telediagnostics • Remote maintenance assistance with 3D schematics • Real-time logistics assistance • Interactive communities of interest • Project collaboration and brainstorming


XMPP: for instant messaging and real-time communication and collaboration

JSR-168: for integration into other software applications to leverage existing investments in information technology

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Secure unified collaboration and communication with DoD-level assurance.

A component of Telos Secure Information eXchange (T-6), Telos Secure Collaboration offers:

  • A full range of collaboration tools -- chat, video conferencing, whiteboarding and more -- all in one interface
  • Sharing of complex data such as maps, imagery, media viewers, and 2D/3D models
  • The ability to work together in cost-effective, time-effective collaborative efforts
  • Always-on virtual work environment
  • Transparent end-to-end security

Telos Secure Collaboration lets personnel with defense, intelligence, and security agencies of the federal government work together in real time over long distances as if they were in the same room.

The fully featured Telos Secure Collaboration platform is compliant with industry and federal standards for secure unified communications and collaboration (UCC). Telos Secure Collaboration creates a realistic collaborative environment while adhering to stringent DoD security requirements.

Time and distance are no longer barriers to conducting urgent mission-critical business with Telos. Teams of officials can work together within and among agencies, using the full spectrum of today’s tools for real-time working and sharing. 

The platform provides full multi-user collaboration, chat and instant messaging, desktop and application sharing, videoconferencing, and more – all combining to more closely replicate a same-place conference or whiteboarding session.