Secure Communications

  Secure messaging
  Collaboration and IM
  Deep content inspection
  Secure directory

Premier enterprise messaging
for DoD and federal government
Meets stringent DoD, NATO
and commercial requirements
More than 70 organizations
supported around the world
cross-domain capability
Telos Secure Information eXchange, or T-6, the complete suite for secure unified communication and collaboration. Its capabilities include:

Organizational Messaging – Secure AMHS messaging solution is the de facto DoD standard  

Secure Collaboration –
A real-time environment
for instantly sharing information 

Secure Discovery – Detects and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information  

Secure Directory – Support for LDAP, X.500, other directory standards  

Cross-domain Communication – Integrate with NATO
and other allies

Telos Secure Information eXchange (T-6) provides real-time mission-critical secure communications and collaboration.

  • Real-time secure communications tools (chat, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, etc.)

  • All modalities and information available through a single interface

  • Industry-standard security assures protection for vital information

  • No lag time in communication – users share information in real time
Tactical and strategic secure communication is now empowered by modalities for sharing information in real time through multiple domains. Telos provides secure unified communications solutions that let warfighters, analysts, and other key personnel share and review actionable information through AMHS secure messaging, IM, whiteboarding, and other real-time modes of communication and collaboration.

Telos Secure Information eXchange T-6