Touch-optimized application development training in Microsoft Surface™ and other platforms.

Learn Microsoft Surface with hands-on training -- literally.

As you delve deeper into the fascinating world of Microsoft Surface and touch-optimized applications, you’ll want to modify and enhance your Surface applications and even develop some of your own.  Telos Advanced Technologies Group offers a comprehensive three-day training course to get you started working with and developing for the Microsoft Surface multi-touch platform.  Training includes classroom teaching and discussion as well as intensive lab work with the Microsoft Surface platform.

Day One: Microsoft Surface Overview

  • Introduction to Microsoft Surface
  • Thinking about the multi-touch environment
  • Thinking about the multi-user environment
  • Surface elements: hardware and software
  • Microsoft Surface platform overview and architecture
  • Platform set-up and calibration

Day Two: Application Development for Microsoft Surface

  • Differences between Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Surface Windows
  • Designing for the Microsoft Surface user interface
  • Modifying existing applications for Microsoft Surface
  • Applications and customization
  • Application installation
  • Testing and debugging
  • Application integration with Microsoft Surface
  • Deploying Microsoft Surface applications

Tools for Surface Development

  • Development tools for Microsoft Surface
  • Working with ScatterView
  • Interacting with physical objects
  • Using identity tags
  • Optimizing applications for Microsoft Surface
  • Working with objects
  • Object manipulation

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