Telos Emerging Technologies Maintenance and Support

At Telos, support and training of our customers in the use of our solutions is extremely important. The Customer Support Group ensures that our customers receive the greatest value possible from your Emerging Technologies solutions.

The Customer Support group is staffed by a team of skilled technicians, software engineers, and service professionals, who are accessible via telephone and online via e-mail. You determine how you want to communicate, either verbally on the phone, or through your keyboard.


Contacting the Customer Support Group:

  • E-mail: support@telos.com

  • Telephone support:
    • 1.888.718.6623
    • Our telephone hours for Tier 1 Support are 24x7.
      Please have your customer identification number ready
      when calling for support.

Please collect and be prepared to provide the following information prior to contacting Customer Support:

  • Your Telos-issued customer ID (found on your new customer welcome letter) 
  • Your contact information (name, company, address, e-mail, primary and alternate phone numbers) 
  • Application name and version number 
  • Be prepared to provide any error messages or error output associated with the issue 
  • Determine the operating system and/or database platform and version numbers.

Maintenance and Support Policy:

  • Maintenance support period of performance:
    • For Subscription customers - beginning on the date of subscription shipment through the term of the subscription*
    • For Perpetual License customers - beginning on the date of license shipment for the initial term of annual maintenance agreement and subsequent renewals**
  • Provide support for a product release for six (6) months after the shipment of the next major release, or until notification of its end of life
  • Help install the product and troubleshoot operational issues (via telephone)
  • Replicate any problems to verify the causes of any suspected error in the product
  • Provide workarounds for identified and verified product errors or malfunctions
  • Every issue that is reported to Customer Support is assigned a "Priority" level, as described below.
* For Subscription Customers - Subscribers automatically receive the Annual Maintenance for the life of their subscription.

** For Perpetual License Customers - Annual maintenance must be purchased for the first year at the time of the initial order, and may be renewed in subsequent years. Annual Maintenance must be purchased for each applicable software technology upgrades.

Maintenance and Support Defined:

Annual Maintenance: Telos' Annual Maintenance includes the following features:

  • Tier 1 (help desk) available around the clock (24x7).
  • Tier 2 (technical support) as required and escalated by Tier 1 support (available normal business hours, 8:30AM to 5:30PM EST, Monday through Friday except holidays)
  • Tier 3 (product development) as required and escalated by Tier 2 support (available normal business hours, 8:30AM to 5:30PM EST, Monday through Friday except holidays)
  • Support via telephone e-mail
  • Product updates and maintenance releases
  • On-line support via Customer Support Center Web site:
    • On-line product documentation
    • On-line access to software and content downloads
    • Access to other product resources such as FAQs, troubleshooting notes, and Tech Tips
Priority Level: All support requests are assigned a priority level. This priority level is based on the severity of the impact that the reported problem has in meeting the customer's business needs. The Customer Service Representative and the customer determine the priority level jointly based on the nature of the issue and urgency of the situation. The following table defines each priority level.


Ticket Priority Level

Priority Definition Estimated Callback Time

Critical (1) All tickets where a customer is not able to do any work within the

1 Hr
Severe (2) A ticket that is opened and requires immediate attention, but for the time being the customer has the ability to perform other functions within the application.

3 Hrs
Minor (3) Tickets that are opened where a customer has a potential issue but the issue is not keeping them from completing their work, or there is a workaround for the issue.

6 Hrs
Inquiry (4) Tickets that are opened where a customer is inquiring about how to do something with regards to installation, setup, minimum requirements for application, browser setup or any other questions. 24 Hrs

Note: Estimated call back time is for the initial call back (or e-mail response) and is not an estimated resolution time.


For pricing details on maintenance, please contact your Telos sales representative at 877.409.2282 or send an e-mail to sales@telos.com.

Disclaimer: Telos reserves the right to modify this Maintenance and Support policy at any time.