SE7EN: Custom Operational View 

Enhance productivity and efficiency with a real-time user-defined view of your operational environment.

  • Work with customizable views of data for real-time situational awareness 
  • Share and save information with visualization tools in a geomapping interface 
  • Access archived and real-time data feeds integrated from multiple sources 
  • Select high-level and detailed layers of information in a visual context 
  • Customize the user interface with widget-style dashboard 
  •  Web-based application; accessible from mobile devices
SE7EN: Custom Operational View from Telos Corporation enables users to select, review, and share exactly the information they need to optimize their decision-making. It gives you a real-time 360-degree view of your working environment, integrating data from all sources in a geomapping interface that provides an immediately comprehensible view of the information you need. SE7EN: Custom Operational View lets authorized parties quickly share, assess, and display information from archived and real-time sources so they can understand and act on it.

Integrates the information you need from disparate sources – SE7EN: Custom Operational View integrates real-time data from SolarWinds, Remedy, SharePoint, and other applications so you can monitor activities and respond to situations in a timely manner. 

Lets you quickly drill down to critical details – Rapidly drill down through multiple layers of information to gain the insights you need. For example, tap on a help-desk alert for a quick description of the issue, then click open the help-desk application itself for rapid response and resolution. 

Keeps data safe from unauthorized access or changes – Roles-based security ensures only authorized personnel can see the data they’re supposed to see.

Create custom views of data sets for rapid access and response – The Telos SE7EN framework for data-visualization application development offers a widget-style interface that lets users set up views of the specific data they need.

Geomapping interface brings your network environment to life – Offers interactive 2D/3D displays of your work environment that lets you drill down from a high-level global view of your environment to the node level.

Web-based application that’s accessible from mobile devices – SE7EN: Custom Operational View is a Web-based application you can access from any browser. You can also work with it on mobile devices.

SE7EN: Common Operational View geomap interface

Users can review real-time data plotted on a geomap interface with high-resolution
satellite imagery for an instantly understandable view of their working environment.

SE7EN Common Operational View dashboard

Users have the information they need, when and where they need it,
every time they work with the application's user defined dashboard.