SE7EN: Mission Planner 

When time and precision count, use SE7EN: Mission Planner to digitally design, test and refine your missions.

  • Plan and fully manage complex missions in a collaborative environment
  • Command and control capabilities during mission execution 
  • Capture, record and edit resource movements and mission time lines information
  • Geospatial mapping tools let you add multiple layers of information
  • Save, store, play back and export missions at any time 
  • Operates in traditional environments and on the leading multi-user, touch-optimized devices and systems


SE7EN: Mission Planner is an interactive touch-optimized digital sand table that gives military and disaster-response mission planners the power to create, plan, and fully manage missions and logistical routing in a collaborative geospatial environment. Users can connect to and import data such as maps, images, and video from the cloud or local sources and generate mission scenarios, plan resources, and help task mission resources. And, SE7EN: Mission Planner leverages collaborative touch-optimized platforms for hands-on control of your mission environment.  

Features and capabilities of SE7EN: Mission Planner include: 

Distributed environment for collaborative planning.  SE7EN: Mission Planner has been architected to support multi-user collaboration.  It maintains a central repository of missions that lets multiple personnel in different locations take part in planning, designing and reviewing missions using desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

SE7EN: Mission Planner lets you go inside the buildings and structures where your missions take you.
SE7EN: Mission Planner -- mission planning at your fingertips.

Intuitive, hands-on interface lets you go right to work. The multi-user, touch-optimized interface makes it easy for mission planners to collaborate in designing and developing their missions. 

The Mission Center is your dashboard to access and review all missions and plans. Here you can sort, create, copy, edit, re-name, save, and delete missions, plans, and plan elements.
SE7EN Mission Planner's Mission Center

Create multilayered missions and plans.  SE7EN: Mission Planner lets you design missions with plans for air, ground and sea forces, and contingency and alternate plans for each.  Create and plan mission stages and waypoints, capture movement within a stage, and set times for waypoint events such as takeoffs and landings.  

SE7EN: Mission Planner makes it easy to add and edit properties and attributes of symbols, stages, waypoints, other mission elements. You can also switch back and forth among Hybrid, Road, and Aerial views.
SE7EN Mission Planner's Unit Context Menu

Add detailed layers of geospatial information.  Support for the WMS Interface Standard lets you choose details from many different geospatial databases to add to your maps, such as temperature, weather conditions, cloud cover, and others. 

WMS map views and layering capabilities let you add detailed layers of geospatial information to your mission plans. 
 Mission Planner WMS and layering

Advanced timeline capabilities let you build and review precise mission plans.  Add, modify, delete, and animate the stages and waypoints of a selected mission plan, with time and date; speed and distance; altitude and depth; object weight and dimensions, and other attributes that ensure precision in mission planning.   

Advanced “in mission” editing capabilities let you adjust routes and movement, add speed, distance, altitude, and other attributes governed by business logic to ensure precision in mission planning.  
 Mission Planner advanced editing

Flexibility in drawing and animating mission elements. 
Quickly draw freeform or lineform paths (straight or curved) for symbols.  You can then play back the mission to see your plans unfold and adjust them as needed, and overlay audio to add narrations to your mission videos.

SE7EN: Mission Planner lets you draw custom shapes to create areas of interest and manage related intel.  
 SE7EN: Mission Planner Intel and shape file

Full control over actively deployed resources. Resource objects can be added and removed, rotated and scaled, and nested within one another for easy group management. You can modify symbol information, add and change symbol directions, and animate symbols with freeform paths or straight and curved lines.

SE7EN: Mission Planner lets you create, record, and animate waypoints, and edit waypoint locations, names, and date and time of execution.
SE7EN Mission Planner lets you edit waypoint properties

Smooth integration with company datasets. SE7EN: Mission Planner makes it easy to add and manage mission intel as geo-located Points of Interest including location, images, and real-time video that display directly on the map.  Data can be drawn from the cloud or local/network resources.

SE7EN: Mission Planner offers a deep palette of MIL-STD-2525 icons to rapidly model your mission plans.  You can also upload your own custom symbols as well to meet your specific planning requirements.
SE7EN Mission Planner's symbol selection panel

Import, save, store and review missions at any time. You can also save the recorded video to MP4 or MPEG format, import missions to Microsoft PowerPoint, and import and export missions as KML/KMZ files.  

The Map Intel panel gives you quick views of critical map intelligence data, including name, coordinates, and description.
SE7EN Mission Planner: Intel pushpin and context menu

Multiple views of your mission environment.  Switch among Hybrid, Road View, and Aerial map views as you work. Numerous map formats including Microsoft Bing and OpenStreet Maps are available, with iconography managed and maintained by system users.