SE7EN: Geomapping – plot and display locations and analyze geospatial data with natural hand gestures.

  • Display the location of assets, buildings, personnel, other resources
  • Layer data and images for a rich presentation of information
  • Perform advanced search to call up and display geospatial data

SE7EN: Geomapping provides a rich environment for accessing, displaying, and manipulating spatial information in a visual context.  The application leverages the latest Telos SE7EN framework, designed to give users easy access to view and manage various data sets on the leading multi-touch platforms.

SE7EN: Geomapping offers a variety of displays, including satellite and aerial photos, maps, and topographic views.  Users can work with static or rotating views, 3D surfaces, and simulated flythroughs that put the user in the environment. It includes comprehensive map-related data out of the box.  The system also integrates with legacy applications and data sources to ensure access to existing information.

Collaborate and communicate – Share information with others through networked communication, e-mail, even instant messages to one or all users.  Supports Microsoft Surface units, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

“Geo-enabled” Web Services – Support for shape files, Windows Mapping Services (WMS), and KML/KMZ files ensures openness and flexibility for all users and systems

Image galleries – manage libraries of map images including areas of interest, shape files, satellite images

Flexible, robust security – Users can log in to the system by user ID and password combination, identity tag, and byte tag identification.   Roles-based access and interfaces ensure that users see and work with only authorized information.

  • Touch-optimized, multi-user platform
  • Comprehensible visual presentation of data
  • Access to real-time or near real-time information
  • Sharing information with restricted access controls
  • Integration of multiple information sets from disparate sources
  • Interoperability with existing and legacy systems